Acebeam D45 LED Dive Light

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The Acebeam D45 is an underwater flashlight with an incredible turbo power of 4000 lumens. The flashlight is equipped with a series of powerful and performing CREE XHP70 LEDs that produce a beam with a maximum light intensity of 35,000 candles for a maximum distance of 374 meters.

The reflector is composed of a multiple parabola with orange peel treatment that guarantees a clean, homogeneous and artifact-free beam. The lens is in mineral glass with a thickness of 6 mm with double anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment. The light tint produced by the XHP70 is cold around 6500K.

The Acebeam D45 has 4 modes of use and has the convenient Memory Mode function that remembers the last output level used. In this way, when the torch is turned on again it will turn on to the last level used.

There is also the SOS / beacon function for use in emergency situations.

The entire body of the Acebeam D45 is made of aluminum alloy with a hard type III anti-abrasive anodized finish. The thicknesses are abundant since they must withstand the great pressure produced by water at great depths.

Dimensions are 166.5mm long, 43.9mm body diameter, 58mm head diameter. The weight is 436 grams.

The underwater design of the Acebeam D45 allows the torch to dive at great depths: in fact it can be used up to 200 meters under water.

The power supply of the Acebeam D45 is given by three 18650 cells that guarantee a maximum runtime of 12.5 hours on the lowest level of 350 lumens.

There are 4 normal output levels available: Low from 350 lumens, Mid from 750 lumens, High from 1500 lumens and Turbo from 4000 lumens. The SOS, on the other hand, has an output of 350 lumens.

The flashlight is essentially made up of three parts: the head, the battery holder and the tube. The head is large and has a series of thick and deep dissipation fins. The battery holder allows the insertion of three 18650 cells. The tube, on the other hand, once screwed to the head thanks to the presence of two thick o-rings, guarantees perfect waterproofing of the flashlight. On the body the Acebeam D45 also has a particular processing with a checkered knurling: this increases the grip and offers an always firm grip.

The switch is metallic, source and very easy to activate. The magnetic design of the switch prevents water from penetrating inside the flashlight since there is no gap where it can pass.

The management of the interface by means of the switch is simple and intuitive. This is a fundamental requirement for a diving flashlight, the simplicity of use and activation of the light is an aspect of fundamental importance when you are at great depths in total darkness.

The Acebeam D45 can also be used on land as a normal searchlight.

To turn the flashlight on or off, just a simple click on the side switch. Lightly press the switch to select one of the following modes: Max, Mid, Min. Double click for direct access to SOS mode.

The package is particularly rich and includes the Acebeam D45 Diving light torch, a nice carrying case, a ball arm, a hex wrench, spare o-rings, user and maintenance manual, lanyard, warranty card, and holster. nylon.


LED: Cree  XHP70 LED with lifespan of 50,000 hours
Max output 4000lumens (3*18650 batteries )

      Mode 1:  Low       350lms       (12.5hour)
      Mode 2:  Mid      750lms       (6.2hour)
      Mode 3:  High      1500lms     (2.2hour)
      Mode 4:  Turbo   4000lms     (1.4hour)

      Double Press:  SOS  350lms

Working Voltage : 8-12.6V
Max beam distance: 374Meters
Impact resistance: 1.2Meters
Switch: Magnetic Control Switch 
Moderately texturing(orange peel) finished reflector
Underwater 200 meters
Peak beam intensity:35000cd
Size: 166.5mm(length)x58mm(head diameter)x43.9mm(tube diameter)
Weight: 436g(without battery)
Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum
Surface treatment: premium type Ⅲ hard-anodizing.
Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Copper base plate for more efficient heat
1:Click the button switch 1s to turn on the flashlight.
2:Slightly click the switch to change working mode from Max/Mid/Min
3:Double click the switch to enter SOS mode.