Acebeam L35 Brightest Tactical Flashlight

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The Acebeam LR35 is a tactical flashlight in the 21700 format with a Turbo of 5000 lumens and a maximum range of 480 meters. The flashlight comes in a cardboard box with a 5100mAh rechargeable 21700 cell inside, lanyard, nylon holster, spare o-rings, spare tailcap, USB Type-C, user manual and warranty card.

In the hand, the Acebeam LR35 is comfortable, the handle is always firm thanks to the presence of the cigar grip.

The optical part is composed of a single CREE XHP70.2 LED with 5000K Neutral White tint. The lens is a particular TIR which in turn is covered by a glass lens with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant treatment on both sides.

The bezel protecting the lens is satin-finished, toothed and can be effectively used in emergency situations, for example as a glass breaker. Optionally, the Acebeam LR35 can be equipped with a "Lattice Power P70" LED that allows it to have a higher shot and go from 5000 lumens with 576000 cd of the XHP70.2 to 4300 lumens with 81225 cd of the P70.

The Acebeam LR35 is made with top quality materials, the thicknesses are particularly abundant. The anodizing makes the torch slightly opaque and pleasant to the touch.

In the central part of the body there are a series of millings, as well as on the head and on the tailcap. These further increase the grip for an always perfect and safe grip.

The flashlight can be divided into three parts: head, central body and tailcap.

The supplied belt clip can also be mounted on the Acebeam LR35: it is small and light but has an excellent grip on clothing.

On the head, laterally, there is a metal switch. It is electronic, slightly protruding and easy to activate even with thick gloves. Between the dissipation fins of the head there is a small status LED that provides the user with information on the state of charge of the battery.

The switch is responsive, when pressed it emits a muffled click.

The Acebeam LR35 can be powered with a single 21700 cell. A 5100mAH cell customized by Acebeam is supplied. It has the type-C charging interface near the positive pole: it is not necessary to carry a dedicated charger to charge this battery because it will be possible to use any standard USB-C cable.

Together with the flashlight there is also a USB adapter that allows the battery to be recharged.

The Acebeam LR35 is resistant to water and dirt and is submersible up to 5 meters deep (IP68).

The threads are precise and smooth and arrive well lubricated. On the tailcap side they are anodized so it is also possible to mechanically lock the interface by slightly unscrewing the tailcap from the rest of the body to avoid any possible accidental ignition of the flashlight, for example when carrying it inside a backpack.

The body of the Acebeam LR35 has been made with a double tube design to ensure very high strength.

In the queue there is a rubberized mechanical switch that allows you to turn the flashlight on or off or to use the Momentary On function.

The Cigar grip helps to hold the flashlight between the fingers and has a small hole for inserting the lanyard.

The user interface has 5 normal brightness levels (Ultra-Low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High) plus Turbo and Strobe.

There is a memory mode function that allows you to store the last level used, there is direct access to the Turbo and the lowest mode, and it is also possible to electronically lock the flashlight by pressing the side switch for 5 seconds

Powerful pocket tactical flashlight with breakthroughed 5,000 lumens 
LED: 1xCree XHP70.2  LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Moonlight: 1 lumen; 12 days
Low: 70 lumens; 462cd; 43 meters; 33 hours 30 minutes
Mid1: 200 lumens; 1,980cd; 89 meters; 12 hours 45 minutes
Mid2: 650 lumens; 6,241cd; 158 meters; 4 hours 
High: 1500 lumens; 14,884cd; 244 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
Turbo: 5000 lumens; 57,600cd; 480 meters; 1 hours 15 minutes
Strobe: 1650 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes

Max. output 5,000 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 480 meters
Max. runtime: 12 days
Peak beam intensity: 57,600cd