Acebeam PT40 Multipurpose Work Flashlight

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Acebeam PT40: Angled design torch specially made as a work torch. It is a flashlight in the 18650 format and is capable of delivering 3000 lumens to the Turbo.

The package includes in addition to the Acebeam PT40 flashlight also a 3100mAH 18650 Acebeam cell with type-C port model ARC18650H-3100mAh, a metal clip already connected to the flashlight, a series of spare o-rings, an elastic band with rubber support , a Type-C charging cable, user manual and warranty card.

The Acebeam PT40 is an ideal torch for use, for example, in a workshop or in general as a normal work torch. It has a head with a particularly long angular design as it contains 6 high-performance LEDs. It is possible to choose the PT40 with different types of emitters: 6x SAMSUNG LH351D LED CRI≥90, maximum output of 3,000, 6 x LUMINUS SST-20 CRI≥95, maximum throw to 230 meters or 6 x NICHIA 219C LED CRI≥90 high color rendering.

The supplied elastic band allows the flashlight to be used as a headlamp. It is soft, very elastic, and is very comfortable to wear. Inside there is a small silicone strip that further increases the grip and prevents movement during its use. The torch holder installed on the elastic band is made of soft rubber and allows you to attach and detach the torch with ease. Once inserted on the support of the band, the Acebeam PT40 is also free to rotate from the top towards the pitch to allow you to exactly illuminate the area of ​​interest

 But the Acebeam PT40 is also perfect as a normal EDC for everyday use.

The user interface is managed entirely by the single switch on the flashlight: it is located in the upper part of the head, is slightly recessed, rubberized and is electronic. Particularly easy to activate even when wearing gloves, it is very reactive and offers excellent tactile feedback.

The tailcap of the Acebeam PT40 is flat and the torch can therefore be placed on horizontal surfaces in tailstanding. It has a powerful neodymium magnet inside which allows the torch to be connected to any metal surface in all positions, therefore both vertically and horizontally.

The head features a series of dissipation fins that aid in heat dissipation when the torch is used on high levels.

A belt clip arrives already mounted on the flashlight. It is thin, stiff and has a good grip on clothing. If necessary, the clip can be disassembled simply by unscrewing two small screws.

The central part of the body has a series of deep grooves, a kind of rectangle knurling. It further improves the grip always guaranteeing an optimal grip.

Included with the Acebeam PT40 comes a 3100 mAh 18650 cell equipped with a Type-C charging interface.

The user interface provides 5 levels of brightness from the lowest of only 15 lumens with a runtime of 80 hours to the highest (Turbo) of 3000 lumens and a runtime of 1 hour and a half.

There is a module for protection against overheating and protection against reverse polarity of the battery

The beam of the Acebeam PT40 is wide and has an opening of about 110 degrees, it is clean, well distributed and homogeneous.

The dimensions of the Acebeam PT40 are 126.8mm (Length) x 32.8mm (Head Diameter) x 24mm (Tube Diameter) while the weight is 95g (3.35oz.) W / o battery; 145g (5.11oz.) With battery.

The water resistance is IP68 (2 meters submersible) while the impact resistance is 1 meter.


LED Color Option:
6 x SAMSUNG LH351D LED CRI≥90, maximum output of 3,000 lumens
6 x LUMINUS SST-20 CRI≥95, maximum throw to 230 meters
6 x NICHIA 219C LED CRI≥90 high color rendering 

LED option 1: 6 x SAMSUNG LH351D LED CRI≥90 high color rendering with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Ultra-Low: 15lumens;  80 hours
Low: 80 lumens; 158cd; 25 meters; 17 hours
Mid1: 220 lumens; 289cd; 34 meters; 6 hours 15 minutes
Mid2: 580 lumens; 810cd; 57 meters; 2 hours 30 minutes
High: 1100 lumens; 1,460cd; 76 meters; 2 hours
Turbo: 3000 lumens; 3,680cd; 121 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
Strobe: 1500 lumens; 2 hours

Max. output 3,000 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 121 meters
Max. runtime: 80 hours
Peak beam intensity: 3,680cd

LED option 2: 6 x LUMINUS SST-20 CRI≥95, maximum throw to 230 meters 
Ultra-Low: 10lumens;  80 hours
Low: 70 lumens; 470cd; 43 meters; 17 hours
Mid1: 200 lumens; 1,200cd; 69 meters; 6 hours 15 minutes
Mid2: 500 lumens; 2,800cd; 106 meters; 2 hours 30 minutes
High: 900 lumens; 5,000cd; 141 meters; 2 hours
Turbo: 2400 lumens; 13,200cd; 230 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
Strobe: 1400 lumens; 2 hours

Max. output 2,400 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 230 meters
Max. runtime: 80 hours
Peak beam intensity: 13,200cd

LED option 3: 6 x NICHIA 219C LED CRI≥90 high color rendering 
Ultra-Low: 10lumens;  80 hours
Low: 50 lumens; 260cd; 32 meters; 17 hours
Mid1: 180 lumens; 590cd; 49 meters; 6 hours 15 minutes
Mid2: 450 lumens; 1,450cd; 76 meters; 2 hours 30 minutes
High: 900 lumens; 2,800cd; 106 meters; 2 hours
Turbo: 2400 lumens; 6,880cd; 166 meters; 1 hour 30 minutes
Strobe: 1400 lumens; 2 hours

Max. output 2,400 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 166 meters
Max. runtime: 80 hours
Peak beam intensity: 6,880cd

Size: 126.8mm (Length) x 32.8mm (Head Diameter) x 24mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 95g(3.35oz.) w/o battery; 145g(5.11oz.) with battery
Impact resistance to 1 meter
IP68 waterproof (2 meters submersible)