Acebeam X50 2.0 High CRI LED Photography Fill Light

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The Acebeam X50 2.0 High CRI is a powerful can-shaped flashlight equipped with a series of high chromatic efficiency LEDs that make it a perfect light for photographers but not only. Thanks to the CRI>95 the color rendering when used in the middle of nature is perfect. Even when people and objects are illuminated, the color rendering is excellent. Taking photos at night using this light as a fill light allows you to have colors that are very faithful to reality much more than any other normal light source that does not have a high color rendering index. The CRI≥95 is in fact able to accurately detect every shade of color as if the illuminated object were under natural daylight. The beam of the Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI is very wide 120 degrees, well balanced and without artifacts. The tint is uniform throughout the beam and there are no color differences between spot and spill.

. Its maximum Turbo output is 25,000 lumens. The available Levels are Ultra-low with 150lm, Low with 350lm, Med1: 1.200lm, Med2 with 2.200lm, Med3 with 4.500lm, High with 8.500lm and Turbo with 21000lm. There is also a 5,000lm strobe level. The maximum runtime on the Ultra Low level is 12 hours while the maximum reachable distance of the beam is 494 meters;

The constant current circuit design has an efficiency rate of up to 98%.

The Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI is powered by a built-in 10.8V / 4250mAh Li-ion battery. There is a type-C interface on the flashlight for fast charging that allows you to complete a charge cycle in just 1 hour.

thanks to the protocols of QC 3.0 and PD3.0.

The Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI is also a safe flashlight in fact inside there is an overheating protection module, there is a mechanical safety lock that prevents accidental activation.

The handle of the Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI allows you to use the flashlight very comfortably. It is also detachable when not needed or to facilitate transport. The switch is unique, in metal, electronic and allows you to access all the interface functions.

The glass is made of tempered glass with double anti-reflective treatment with a transmittance index of 99%. The entire body of the flashlight is made of

made of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which provides a robust structure and high heat dissipation efficiency.

The premium hard anodized HAIII finish guarantees excellent resistance to scratches and abrasions.

The Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI is classification compliant with the IP68 standard and shock resistant up to 1 meter in height.

Dimensions are: 139.6 (length) x 75mm (tube diameter) x 51.8 (head diameter) mm / 5.49 x 2.95 x 2.03 inch with a weight of 756g / 26.6oz (battery included).

In addition to the Acebeam X50 v2.0 High CRI torch, the package also includes a sturdy Nylon holster, spare O-rings, charger Adapter for fast charging, USB type-C cable, lanyard and user manual.

8 x high CRI95 LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Max 21,000 lumens output 

Ultra-Low: 150lms, 10.5hours;
Low: 350lms-150lms, 6.5hours+30minutes;
Med1: 1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 4.5hours+2minutes+10minutes;
Med2: 2,200lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 2hours+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes;
Med3: 4,500lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 9minutes+75minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes;
High: 8,500lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 2minutes+80minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes;
Turbo: 21,000lms-2,800lms-1,200lms-350lms-150lms, 1minute+74minutes+5minutes+2minutes+10minutes;
Strobe: 5,000lms, 1.5 hours;

Max runtime: 12 hours; 
Max beam distance: 494 meters;
Impact resistant: 1 meters;
Waterproof: IP66