Acebeam D46 LED Dive Light

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Acebeam D46 is a compact but extremely powerful dive light. It is equipped with the powerful and performing XHP70.2 LED and manages to produce a beam with an incredible power of 5200 lumens. The life of the LED has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. The beam is wide but also has a great range in fact it manages to reach a maximum distance of 398 meters.

The Acebeam D46 is powered by 4 18650 cells. It has a copper board for more efficient dissipation of the heat produced by the LEDs when the torch is turned on on medium - high levels or at Turbo.

The reflector is made of aluminum and is quite deep with an orange peel finish on the surface for a clean and homogeneous beam. The lens is in 6mm thick tempered mineral glass to withstand the force exerted by water at great depths. It has anti-reflective treatment on both sides and also has an anti-scratch treatment.

The 3*18650 cells that power the Acebeam D46 are installed in the flashlight by means of a magnetic levitation battery pack. This avoids the conduction of current through the body of the torch and makes it safe when diving.

The head of the Acebeam D46 has a series of thick and deep dissipation fins that guarantee perfect heat dissipation even when the flashlight is used out of the water. Inside the water, heat dissipation is exceptional, the flashlight never gets too hot.

The entire body of the Acebeam D46 is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with type III hard anodizing with an anti-abrasive finish. The dimensions are 167 mm (6.6 in) for the length, 58 mm (2.3 in) for the head diameter, 54 mm (2.1 in) for the tube diameter, while the weight is 511 g (18 oz) without batteries.

The maximum depth of use of the Acebeam D46 is 200 meters, while the impact resistance is 1.5 meters high.

The maximum runtime of the Acebeam D46 is 15 hours in the lowest 450 lumens mode, in the 1000 lumens Mode 3 mode the runtime is 6 hours while in the Mod 2 level it is 2.8 hours. The higher mode of 5200 instead has a runtime of over 2 hours. A special SOS level is also available for emergency situations.

In addition to the Acebeam D46 torch, the package also includes a practical Nylon holster, a ball arm, a hex key, spare o ring, lanyard, battery warning card and warranty card.

LED:CREE XHP70.2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Powered by 4 * 18650 batteries
Rated working voltage: 12V to 16.8V
Copper board for more efficient heat dissipation
Moderately textured (orange peel) finished reflector
4 different modes output:
Turbo:5200lumens-3000lumen(5min+ 2hours)
SOS mode:450lumens
Beam Distance:398m
Peak Beam Intensity:39600cd
Impact resistant: 1.2 meters
Waterproof: under water 200m
Size(mm):167.2(Length)x 58(Head Dia.)x 53.6(Tube Dia.)
Weight:511g(without battery)
Aircraft grade aluminum body structure,
Premium Type III Hard Anodized Anti-abrasive finish,
Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Low Power Warning(When the voltage is below 12.8V,the flashlight flashes.)