CIVIVI Incisor II Series Button Lock Aluminum Handle Folding Knife

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If you're in search of a versatile and beautifully crafted everyday carry (EDC) knife, look no further than the CIVIVI Incisor II. This exceptional folding knife showcases stunning design, premium materials, and thoughtful engineering, making it a must-have addition to your EDC lineup. The CIVIVI Incisor II is available in multiple models, each offering its own unique style and features:

C16016B-1: Classic yet modern, this Incisor II boasts timeless aesthetics and precision engineering.

C16016B-2: For those who prefer a touch of elegance, the C16016B-2 comes with premium materials and a refined appearance.

C16016B-3: With its bold design and rugged construction, the C16016B-3 is ready to take on the toughest tasks.

C16016B-DS1 (Damascus Blade): Elevate your EDC game with the C16016B-DS1, featuring a stunning Damascus steel blade that combines form and function.

The CIVIVI Incisor II boasts an array of impressive specifications that set it apart as a top-tier EDC knife: Measuring at 6.93 inches (176mm), the Incisor II offers a compact and manageable size that's ideal for everyday use. The blade extends to 2.02 inches (51.4mm), providing a versatile cutting edge for various tasks. Depending on the model, you can choose between a high-quality Damascus blade (C16016B-DS1) or Nitro-V steel, renowned for its durability and edge retention. The blade is expertly heat-treated to a hardness of 58-60HRC, ensuring long-lasting performance. The flat grind on the blade enhances its cutting efficiency and precision. Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, the handle offers a comfortable grip. The aluminum finger ring adds both functionality and style to the knife. The tip-up pocket clip allows for convenient and secure carry on both the left and right sides. The button lock mechanism incorporates a spring under the button, providing the ideal balance between security and ease of use. 

The CIVIVI Incisor II is a testament to thoughtful design and meticulous craftsmanship. Its compact size makes it incredibly easy to carry, whether in your pocket or attached to your belt. The aluminum handle features a finger ring that not only aids in handling but also adds a touch of modern style to the knife's appearance. One of the standout features of the Incisor II is its button lock mechanism. Engineered with precision, this locking system ensures that the knife remains securely closed during transport. When you're ready to use it, the button lock offers just the right amount of resistance for a smooth and reliable deployment. It's the kind of attention to detail that demonstrates CIVIVI's commitment to creating an exceptional EDC tool. The CIVIVI Incisor II boasts a karambit-style blade, known for its versatility and utility. Whether you need to slice through tough materials, perform precision cutting tasks, or tackle everyday challenges, this blade shape excels in various scenarios. It's equally well-suited for self-defense situations, making it a valuable tool for personal safety.

The choice of materials in the Incisor II ensures both high performance and long-term durability. The Nitro-V steel variant offers excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and overall toughness. For those who appreciate aesthetics as much as functionality, the Damascus blade (C16016B-DS1) elevates the knife's visual appeal while maintaining top-tier performance. The Incisor II incorporates a caged ceramic ball bearing pivot assembly, contributing to its smooth and consistent deployment. Whether you're opening the knife with your dominant hand or your non-dominant hand, you'll appreciate the ease of use and reliability of this mechanism. With its secure pocket clip, the Incisor II ensures your knife stays in place and easily accessible throughout your day. The ability to carry it on either the left or right side provides added convenience, making it a versatile EDC choice for both left-handed and right-handed users. The CIVIVI Incisor II is a testament to modern knife design and engineering. Its compact size, premium materials, and versatile blade shape make it an exceptional choice for everyday carry. Whether you're using it for daily tasks, self-defense, or simply appreciating it as a beautifully crafted tool, the Incisor II is a standout knife that combines form and function seamlessly. Choose the model that suits your style and needs, and experience the excellence that CIVIVI consistently delivers in their knives.

> Model Number:C16016B-1/C16016B-2/ C16016B-3/C16016B-DS1
> Model Name: Incisor II

> Overall Length: 6.93" / 176mm
> Width: 2.32" / 65.9mm
> Overall Height(Include Clip): 0.57" / 16.2mm
> Blade Length: 2.02" / 51.4mm
> Closed Length: 4.91" / 124.6mm
> Blade Thickness: 0.11" / 3mm
> Handle Thickness: 0.42" / 12mm
> Knife Weight: 3.28oz / 92.9g

> Packing Dimension: 15.3*6.5*3.3cm
> Total Weight After Packing: 5.76oz / 163.4g

> Blade Material: Damascus(C16016B-DS1)
> Blade Material: Nitro-V
> Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
> Blade Grind: Flat
> Blade Type: Karambit

> Handle Material: Aluminum
> Finger Ring Material: Aluminum

> Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, L/R
> Clip Material: Stainless Steel
> Screws / Thumb Stud Material: Stainless Steel
> Pivot Assembly: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing
> Locking Mechanism: Button Lock
*Note that the button lock is designed with a spring under the button to provide just the right amount of tension so that there is enough resistance to avoid accidental opening, while still offering the ideal amount of pressure to release the lock.