DICORIA ST243 Damascus Blade CF Handle Tactical Folding Knife

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The DICORIA ST243 is not just a folding knife; it's a masterpiece of precision engineering and timeless design. Combining exquisite aesthetics with practical functionality, this knife embodies the essence of form meeting function. In this in-depth review, we will delve into the remarkable features and capabilities that make the DICORIA ST243 a standout choice for both collectors and outdoor enthusiasts.

The DICORIA ST243 boasts a design that strikes the perfect balance between elegance and utility. With an overall length of 182mm (7.16 inches), it's compact enough for everyday carry (EDC) yet substantial enough for demanding outdoor tasks. The blade, measuring 76mm (2.99 inches) in length, is a testament to precision craftsmanship.

Blade Specifications:

  • Blade Width: 21mm (0.82 inches)
  • Blade Thickness: 2.9mm (0.11 inches)
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel

The choice of Damascus steel for the blade is a nod to tradition and quality. Damascus steel is renowned for its distinctive patterns and exceptional durability, making it a prized material for knife connoisseurs.

Crafted from carbon fiber, the handle of the DICORIA ST243 offers both strength and lightweight comfort. The addition of stainless steel lining ensures long-lasting durability, making it capable of withstanding rigorous tasks.

Handle Specifications:

  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber + Stainless Steel Lining + Titanium Alloy Patch
  • Handle Length: 104mm (4.09 inches)
  • Shank Width: 24mm (0.94 inches)
  • Shank Thickness: 12.4mm (0.48 inches)

Every contour and facet of the handle is carefully designed for an ergonomic and secure grip. The titanium alloy patch adds a touch of sophistication while enhancing the knife's structural integrity.

The DICORIA ST243 features a flipper mechanism that allows for swift and smooth blade deployment. Whether you require rapid access to your knife for a task or prefer controlled, one-handed opening, the flipper ensures quick and reliable deployment.

The DICORIA ST243's versatile design and exceptional materials make it suitable for a wide range of applications: Its compact size and lightweight construction make the ST243 an excellent choice for everyday tasks, such as opening packages, cutting cords, or even on-the-go food preparation. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your daily routine. For outdoor enthusiasts, the ST243 is a dependable companion. It excels in various outdoor tasks, including whittling, carving, cutting, and even food preparation during camping trips. The ST243's robust build, ergonomic handle, and sharp Damascus blade make it a valuable asset in tactical situations. Whether for self-defense, emergency scenarios, or survival situations, the ST243 proves its mettle. Knife collectors and enthusiasts will find the ST243 a captivating addition to their collection. Its Damascus blade and carbon fiber handle make it a standout piece for display. Moreover, it makes for an exceptional gift choice for outdoor enthusiasts and knife aficionados. The DICORIA ST243 seamlessly marries aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Whether you seek a dependable EDC tool, a versatile outdoor companion, or a collector's item, the ST243 exceeds expectations. Its exceptional Damascus blade, ergonomic handle, and effortless deployment mechanism elevate your cutting experience. Choose the DICORIA ST243 as your trusted companion to add both elegance and utility to your daily life.

Overall Length: 182mm (7.16 in)
Blade length: 76mm (2.99 in)
Blade width: 21mm (0.82 in)
Blade thickness: 2.9mm (0.11 in)
Handle length: 104mm (4.09 in)
Shank width: 24 mm (0.94 in)
Shank Thickness: 12.4mm (0.48 in)
Opener: Flipper
Weight: 79 g (2.78 oz)
Blade material: Damascus
Handle material: carbon fibre + Stainless steel lining + Titanium alloy patch