Fenix PD25 LED Flashlight

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The Fenix PD25 is a small EDC in the 16340 format that produces an output of 500 lumens at the Turbo with 130 meters of maximum range. It is equipped with a CREE XP-L V5 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The Fenix PD25 is powered by a single rechargeable 16340 lithium-ion cell. Alternatively it can also be powered by non-rechargeable 3V CR123A primary cells which can be found for sale easily in any electronics store or even the supermarket. The dimensions of the Fenix PD25 are extremely small in fact its length is 93 mm while the diameter is just 21.5 mm. This makes the PD25 a perfect flashlight for everyday use because it is very convenient to carry, for example inside the jeans pocket or inside backpacks and fanny packs. Furthermore, its weight does not exceed 47 grams including battery, so when we keep the flashlight in our pocket we will forget we have it. The output is digitally regulated thanks to the high efficiency circuit that always supplies the LED with a constant current. There is the Low Warning function that reminds the user when it is time to replace or recharge the battery, In addition to this there are safety systems such as the system against polarity inversion that protects the flashlight and the internal circuit by inserting a battery incorrectly. There is also the active temperature control system which prevents the surface of the flashlight from becoming too hot when using it for a long time on high levels. The design of the PD25 has been engineered to achieve a flashlight body that does not roll when placed on an inclined surface. Near the head there are dissipation fins that help disperse the heat produced by the LED. The body of the flashlight has a beautiful knurling and deep vertical grooves that increase grip. The flashlight always provides a firm and secure grip. The lens is in mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment while the berel is crenulated and particularly protruding. The latter prevents the lens from breaking if the flashlight hits the front of the head. The switch is nestled between the dissipation fins near the head. It is electronic and very sensitive to touch. Finding it in the dark is not a problem even if you use gloves. The belt clip is made of steel, very sturdy, and guarantees a perfect grip on clothing. The anodization is perfect on the whole body of the flashlight, it is of the Premium III HA type. This means that the finish of the flashlight body is resistant to shocks and abrasions. The output levels are 4 normal and there is also a strobe flashing level. They are divided as follows: 400 lumens strobe with a runtime of 1h and 10 minutes if CR123A cells are used or 550 lumens with a 35 minute runtime if 16340 cells are used, 150 lumens High with runtime of over three hours with CR123A cell o over 2 hours with 16340 cell, 50 lumens Mid with runtime of over 9 hours with CR123A cells and over 7 hours with 16340 cells, Low 5 lumens with 100 hours using CR123A cells or 53 hours using 16340 cells, 400 lumens STrobo using the CR123A cell or 550 lumens using the 16340 cell. The water resistance is given according to the IPX-8 standard while the drop resistance is 2 meters high.