IMALENT MR90 50000 lumen flashlight

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The Imalent MR90 is a powerful multifunction searchlight capable of delivering two completely different beams for use in different scenarios. In fact, it is equipped with a Luminus SBT90.2 LED for the generation of a highly concentrated spot beam with a maximum reachable distance of 1586 meters. In addition to this the Imalent MR90 has eight CREE XHP70.2 LEDs that produce a flood beam ideal for lighting in short and medium distances. The maximum output of the Imalent MR90 is 50,000 lumens when all the LEDs are turned on in Turbo mode

The Imalent MR90 package also contains a nice Nylon holster useful for protecting and safely transporting the flashlight, a 19 Volt power supply for fast charging of the battery pack, spare O-rings and user manual.

The Imalent MR90 is powered by a battery pack consisting of 4 21700 cells. This is charged using the special adapter supplied via the proprietary charging interface located under the unscrewable metal tailcap.

The interface management switch is unique. It is slightly protruding, metallic and is particularly reactive.

The Imalent MR90 also has two small fans that are activated automatically when the flashlight is turned on at high levels or if the temperature rises excessively. It is also possible to manually activate the fans to allow the torch to cool even when the torch has been turned off.

The body of the Imalent MR90 is made entirely of metal, more precisely in aluminum alloy with a hard anodized finish type III.

The flashlight can be disassembled into only two parts: the head and the battery compartment. The threads are smooth and well lubricated, they are also anodized so it is also possible to physically block the interface by slightly unscrewing the head from the rest of the body. This avoids any type of accidental activation and allows safer transport of the flashlight inside, for example, a bag or backpack.

There are two small colored status LEDs next to the switch that provide the user with information on the status of the battery capacity.

The optical part consists of 8 XHP70.2 reflectors placed in shallow reflectors. The beam produced is flood, very powerful, a real wall of light!

The reflector of the Luminus SBT90.2 led, on the other hand, is very deep and generates a spot beam that reaches very far, over 1 kilometer and a half.

The dimensions of the MR90 are 153 mm (6.02 ") in length, 92 mm (3.62") the diameter of the head and 56 mm (2.2 ") the diameter of the body, while the weight including battery is 903 grams (31.86 ounces). .

The user interface is simple and intuitive: the available modes are Low, Medium Low, Medium 1, Medium 2, High, Turbo. In addition, the Imalent MR90 has a strobe level. Therefore, 6 different brightness levels are available to be used for the three available modes Flood, Spot and Flood + Spot. In total 18 different brightness levels.

From the torch off with a single click the light turns on, with a double click you access the Turbo and with another double click from the Turbo you pass to the Strobo. With 4 clicks from the torch off, the torch is electronically locked, while just hold down the switch to turn on the cooling fans.

From the torch on, on the other hand, by holding down the switch you switch between the various levels of brightness while with a triple click you change from flood to spot mode. The combined mode of spot and flood beams is also available. The user interface also includes the memory mode which remembers the last level used to propose it again at the next power on.

The low battery warning is done via the two status LEDs located next to the switch that light up and flash red.

The iMalent MR90 thanks to its characteristics is a multifunctional flashlight that can be useful in different scenarios and different applications.