IMALENT R30C 9000 Lumens Flashlight

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The R30C arrives in a black cardboard box with magnetic closure with all the main features of the product imprinted on it. The equipment includes: Imalent R30C Flashlight, Imalent 4000mAh 21700 battery, Nylon holster, typeC charging cable, 2x spare O-rings and User Manual

The Imalent R30C is a compact flashlight, with small dimensions and a maximum output of 9000 lumens. The R30C fits comfortably in one hand, the switch is a comfortable position to reach even if in the dark. It is free to rotate, but this is only an aesthetic and not a functional feature.

The small size makes the Imalent R30C a practical flashlight to carry for example inside a pouch or inside the pockets of a jacket. The body is smooth and there is no knurling. Despite this, the flashlight always holds firmly even with damp or wet hands.

The threads arrive well lubricated, they are anodized so the physical lockout of the interface is allowed with the classic quarter turn of the tailcap. At the negative pole we find a large and thick golden spring, while at the positive one a protruding contact. An o-ring near the thread prevents water and dirt from entering the battery compartment

Along with the flashlight comes a sturdy Nylon holster with hook and loop closure and plastic D-ring on the back.

The USB TypeC cable is also supplied, but there is no charging port on the flashlight. In fact, it is the custom 21700 battery supplied with the TypeC charging interface. The battery is a MRB-217P40 21700 branded Imalent.

The optical part consists of three American LEDs. These are the Luminus SST70. The lens is in mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment. The parabola is a triple parabola with orange peel treatment. The Bezel is laced and firmly screwed on. There are two LED indicator lights on the sides of the head that light up green when the battery is above 3V and turn red or start flashing at lower voltages. The tail is flat, so it is possible to use a candle (tailstanding).

The Imalent R30C has 6 normal brightness levels (including Turbo) + a special level (Strobo) divided as follows: Turbo from 9000-2300 lm with duration 45s + 70min, High from 5000-2300 lm with duration 1min + 72min, Middle II from 2300 lm with duration 1h + 15min, Middle I from 1300 lm with duration 1h + 40min, Middle Low from 700 lm with duration 3h + 40min, Low from 150 lm with duration 20h and Strobo of 9000 lm

It is possible to recall the turbo several consecutive times if the thermal protection system of the torch and the residual capacity of the cell allow it. The User Interface is very simple, easy to remember and managed entirely by the single metal switch on the head. To turn the flashlight on or off, just a simple click on the switch. With the flashlight on, pressing the switch will cycle the levels as follows: 150lm - 700lm - 1300lm - 2300lm - 5000lm Double quick click to access the Turbo. With two more quick clicks you will go to the special Strobo level. With three clicks on the switch you will enter the low output level of 300 lumens. With four consecutive clicks, it is possible to electronically lock or unlock the interface. When using the flashlight on high levels, for example at the Turbo, the temperature will soar. Upon reaching 50 ° C, the flashlight automatically reduces the output to a lower level, avoiding dangerous overheating and preserving the life of the LED and electronic parts.

The flashlight will also remember the last output level used with the exception of the Turbo and Strobo levels. Press the switch for 3 seconds to turn the status LEDs on or off. When the residual cell voltage drops below 3.0V, the status LEDs will flash at 2Hz to remind users to replace or charge the batteries.

The beam produced by the Imalent R30C has a wide and bright spot, but still with a good shot. The tint is Cool, around 6500K, uniform throughout the beam.

MEASUREMENTS: 42(head diameter)*29(body diameter)*115(length)mm
WEIGHT: 216g (battery included)
LUMINOUS FLUX: Up To 9000 Lumens