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The Imalent UT90 Predator is a shooting torch that allows you to light at great distances. Its turbo reaches 4800 lumens and the maximum range is 1308 meters with a maximum light intensity of 427980 candelas.

The Imalent UT90 Predator comes in a box with the flashlight inside, a plastic carrying case, proprietary USB charging cable (with very strong magnet), magnetic remote switch (for guns), magnetic gun holder, 2 spare o-ring, 2 filters: green and red, holster and user manual.

The flashlight can essentially be divided into two parts: the head and the body. The head has no knurling but has a series of dissipation fins that help disperse the heat produced by the LED on high levels. The body also has no knurling but has deep grooves that improve grip.

On the Imalent UT90 Predator we have two switches for interface management. The tail switch can be used to switch the light on and off, but also allows you to bring the flashlight to Low, Turbo or Strobe level. The side switch allows you to switch from one brightness level to another and is also useful for some shortcuts.

The side switch is convenient to use and easy to find even in the dark or if you are wearing gloves. On the opposite side of the side switch is a small status LED that glows red or green to indicate the remaining battery capacity.

With the Imalent UT90 comes a magnetic tactical remote switch that connects to the rear switch. On the remote switch there are three small switches to remotely control the torch. In addition to the magnetic remote switch, there is also a magnetic weapon holder: thanks to this, the torch can be easily attached to the gun barrel using the magnet inside it in a very simple way. The magnets used by Imalent are Neodymium so they are really powerful and have a great force of attraction.

The anodization of the torch is perfect on the whole body. The material used in the construction of the UT90 is aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a grade III hard anodized finish.

The Imalent UT90 is powered by a battery pack consisting of two non-removable 21700 cells.

The LED used is the SBT90.2 which is not only a high power LED but also has a flat silicone cover instead of the classic silicone dome. This means that the LED is ideal for long range applications. And it is precisely for this reason that the UT90 torch is to be considered as a shooting torch.

The LED is located in the center of a deep and smooth aluminum dome well centered by a black gasket. The lens is thick and ultra clear and has an anti-reflective treatment. The beam is very directive and goes very far.

The dimensions of the Imalent UT90 are: length 248 mm / 9.76 ", head diameter 66 mm / 2.6", body diameter 25.4 mm / 1 ". The total weight is: 425g / 14.99oz, while the head only weighs 192.2g / 6.78oz and the body only 232.8g / 8.21oz.

The user interface is intuitive: 4 brightness levels are available (Low, Medium, High, Turbo) plus a special Strobo level. There are a series of shortcuts for example for the turbo (double click of the side or tail switch) for the Low level (triple click from the torch off both the side and tail switch), for the Strobe ( 2x double click from flashlight on or off). The memory mode is also available which stores the last level used, the low battery warning through the LED status indicators on the flashlight and the electronic lockout of the interface through four quick clicks of the switch when the light is off.

OPERATING MODES: Turbo / High / Middle / Low /
OUTPUT AND RUNTIME: Turbo output : Turbo: 4800 -1500 Lumens (1+105min)
High output: 3000-1500 Lumens (1+115 mins)
Middle output: 1500 Lumens (2H5min)
Low output: 30 Lumens (100H)
MEASUREMENTS: 66mm(length)*25.4mm(head diameter)*245.5mm(body diameter)
WEIGHT: 418g(battery included)
WATERPROOF: IPX-8 standard waterproof 
ACCESSORIES: Charger, O-rings,Shoulder straps,User manual

Packaging and Contents
UT90 Kit Includes:
Magnetic Remote switch *1
USB Charging cable*1
Magnetic mount*1
O rings *2
User manual*1

UT90 Include:
USB Charging cable*1
User manual*1