Lumintop 46950 Battery / 46110 Battery Pack

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What is a 46950 battery?

46950 battery refers to a cylindrical battery with an outer diameter of 46mmand a height of 95mm.

Atvantages of 46950 battery?
High capacity and long service life, use new electrode materials, innovative structure, low internal resistance, high power, breaking through the traditional battery life limit.

46950 service life?
Under normal standard use, the theoretical charge and discharge cycle is about 2000times.

The 46950 battery is suitable for Mach 4695 V2
The 46110 battery pack (built in 1* 38000mAh 46110 battery ) is suitable for the built-in battery Mach 4695, which has 2 color

46950 battery PD charging fully charged about 10 hours

46110 battery pack charging fully charged about 12 hours