Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini LEP Flashlight

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The Ant Man Thor mini lumintop is an incredible EDC flashlight with extremely small dimensions but equipped with the innovative LEP system that produces a white light laser beam with a maximum range of 590 meters. The maximum luminous intensity of this flashlight is in fact 87025 cd when used on the highest level of 165 lumens. The maximum runtime using the lowest brightness level is 62 minutes if for example a 3.7V 14500 cell is used. and 1100mAh. The Lumintop Ant Man Thor Mini has a body made entirely of anodized aluminum alloy which guarantees excellent resistance to wear and scratches. Water resistance is given according to the IPX-8 standard so the flashlight is submersible up to two meters deep even though it is not a diving flashlight. Impact resistance, on the other hand, is 1 meters high. The dimensions are only 100mm * 22mm * 19mm (Length * head * tube) while the weight is only 62g (for the Aluminum version). So it is an extremely compact and very thin flashlight that is convenient to carry in a jeans pocket, in a pouch or inside a handbag. A nice steel belt clip also comes installed on the flashlight. It has an excellent grip on clothes and allows you to attach the flashlight to backpacks or MOLLE systems for example. The switch is located in the queue, it is electronic and very simple to activate, for example with the thumb. It protrudes and is easily found even when wearing gloves or in total darkness. Engraved on the switch is the Lumintop logo with the bunny and the brand name. The head features thick and deep dissipation fins which help to efficiently disperse all the heat produced by the LEP system when the torch is turned on to the high level. The Lettering is well done, well centered and without any smudging. The central part of the body has an abundant checkered knurling that increases grip. The grip is always perfect even if you have damp or wet hands. The tailcap also has a knurling process: this helps in unscrewing the tail and gaining access to the battery compartment. The fillets arrive well lubricated and are very smooth. In addition, they are anodized so it is also possible to physically lockout the interface by slightly unscrewing the tailcap.

The Lumintop Ant Man is the most compact LEP flashlight on the market. It is powered by a single 14500-type lithium cell. Its power is 6W. Using a 1100mAH 14500 cell the maximum runtime is 62 minutes, while using a 920mAH 14500 cell the maximum runtime is 50 minutes

The user interface is very simple; half pressure of the switch to activate the momentary on, total pressure instead to turn on the light constantly.

The packaging is very simple: the flashlight comes in a cardboard box with only the user manual inside. The cell will have to be ordered separately.

Operation Instruction
  • Momentory ON: Half-press the switch
  • Constant ON: Fully press the switch
  • OFF: Fully press the switch