Lumintop D3 Outdoor LED Flashlight

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The Lumintop D3 is a flashlight made exclusively for outdoor use. It is equipped with a performing SFN60 LED model with a life of 50,000 hours and its maximum power is 67 Watts. The maximum output level of the Lumintop D3 is 6000 lumens when you turn it on to the Turbo with a maximum light intensity of 91600 candelas and a shot of over 600 meters.

The Lumintop D3 is equipped with Anduril firmware that allows intelligent interface management and provides a multitude of different configurations and modes. Among the certainly most interesting features of the Anduril Firmware is the presence of a Ramping mode that allows you to select the preferred output level without having to choose between a pre-set output level: this is useful because the user can select his preferred level. between a range of brightness that varies from minimum to maximum. With Anduril there is also direct access to the Turbo and different mode configurations are available.

The Lumintop D3 can be powered from a 26800 or 21700 cell (not included in the package).

In addition to the SFN60 LED, the optical part also includes an optical glass lens with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment and an aluminum reflector with Orange Peel finish. The OP treatment of the reflector allows to have a clean and artifact-free beam, homogeneous and well distributed in space.

The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing. The switch is placed on the side near the head. It is electronic and rubberized and inside it has a small status LED that lights up when using the thrace to indicate the status of the cell capacity.

The head as well as the central part of the body have an ideal knurling to improve grip and grip. The dissipation fins on the head allow the heat produced by the powerful LED to be dispersed well: The tailcap is not flat but it is still possible to use the flashlight in tailstanding. In what there are large holes for the insertion of wrist straps or small carabiners. On the side, on the opposite side of the switch, there is the Type C charging interface that allows you to charge the cell without having to remove it from inside the flashlight. It is protected by a thick rubber cap that isolates it from water and dirt. The charging interface is compatible with the QC2.0 and QC3.0 standards for fast charging with max 4A of charging current. The charge indicator flashes blue during the charging phase and remains constant when charging is complete. The Lumintop D3 is also equipped with the overcharge protection system.

The Typ-eC port of the Lumintop D3 can also be used in discharge mode, so it is possible to use the flashlight as if it were a powerbank to recharge any type of USB device such as a smartphone, earphones, tablet, etc. This function is very useful when, for example, we are camping or outdoors in general and we do not have the possibility to charge our smartphone: just use the Lumintop D3 which in addition to being very useful as a powerful light is also a convenient powerbank.


  • Reflector: Aluminum, OP finish
  • Lens: Glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Body: Aluminum with Type III hard-coat anodizing
  • Button: Tactile with back-lit rubber boot
  • Ingress rating: Equivalent to IP68
  • Weight: Approximately 138g without cells
  • Dimensions: 133.5mm length x 45.5mm Ø head x 30.5mm Ø tube
  • Type-C charging: Supports QC2.0/ QC3.0, PD3.0 fast charging. Max 4A charging current with overcharged protection. The charging indicator is blue blinks when it’s in the charging process and is constant on when it’s fully charged.
  • Discharge/ Powerbank: USB Type-C discharge with indicator. The charging indicator is blue constant on when it’s in discharging process, blinks when the battery is low and turns off (goes into protection) when the battery is critically low. An adapter is required when using the discharge function.