Lumintop FW1AA EDC Flashlight

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The Lumintop FW1AA is a small and powerful EDC flashlight made entirely of satin aluminum capable of generating a light beam of 700 lumens with a maximum intensity of 27000 candelas, i.e. a maximum reachable distance of 330 meters.

The lumintop FW1AA comes in one of Lumintop's standard cardboard boxes with the name on a sticker on top. Inside, you'll find the light nestled inside a foam cutout with the accessories stacked on top. Overall the package includes: Lumintop FW1AA, with clip attached, Two spare o-rings, wrist lanyard and multilingual user manual (English / Chinese).

The bidirectional clip that comes with the flashlight provides an excellent grip on clothing or for example on the belt. Esa is bidirectional: in this way the torch can be installed both with the head upwards and downwards

The head and tail both have a knurling that guarantees an always excellent grip. The knurling on the head helps when you have to unscrew the body to access the battery compartment.

The lumintop FW1AA is also available for sale with different types of emitters: Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED 6500K, Nichia 219CT LED 4000K, or Osram SST20 LED 4000K. Output levels range from 0.5 lumens to 700 lumens. The variation of levels in ramping mode is also available in addition to the step one. In this way, the user can choose the brightness he prefers by simply holding the switch pressed and releasing it when the flashlight has reached the desired level. The tail and the electronic switch are flat, allowing the Lumintop FW1AA to be used as a candle in tailstanding. The interface management switch is located in the queue but using the flashlight in tailstanding there will be no problem since it is slightly recessed: this also avoids possible accidental switching on when for example carrying the flashlight inside a bag. In addition, thanks to the Anduril2 driver, there is also the electronic lockout of the interface to always be safe during the transport of this flashlight. The dimensions are particularly small in fact we have a length of 77.1 mm / 3.03 ", head diameter 20.4 mm / 0.80", body diameter 18.2 mm / 0.71 "while the weight Without battery is 33 g / 1.1oz and with 53g / 1.9oz battery

The FW1AA uses Anduril2 for its user interface. The driver in this light is the same 1 + FET as the FWAA, which means it has a 7135 chip to power the low modes and a FET chip to power the high modes. In the case of FW1AA, levels 1-3 use 7135 and 4 and above use the FET. Anduril2 has two available UIs: Simple and Advanced.

The simple user interface is missing some of the familiar features present in the original, namely the special flashing modes, temperature control, and thermal configuration (which are present in the advanced user interface).

The advanced user interface, on the other hand, is full of a multitude of configurations.

The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum with an anodized finish and the water resistance is given as IPX-8, while the impact resistance is up to 1 meter in height.

The lumintop FW1AA is a versatile and feature rich flashlight. It is also particularly light and comfortable to carry. It is an ideal flashlight for everyday use. The perfect flashlight to always have with you.


      Moonlight Low High Turbo
    Output 0.5 LM 5LM 500 LM 700 LM
    Runtime 20d 9h 185h 5m +1h 8m 2m + 1h 30m
    Distance 330m (Max)
    Intensity 27000cd (Max)
    Impact Resistant 1.5m
    Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
    Light source OSRAM NM1 LED, Nichia 219C LED, or Luminus SST20 LED
    Power 9.5W
    Battery 1 X 14500 Li-ion, unprotected, max length 50.5mm
    Size 20.5 X 77.2mm
    Nei Weight 32.5g (battery excluded)

    Notice: The above-approximated parameters are lab-tested and may vary between the difference in battery and environment. The runtime on High and Turbo are accumulated due to over-heat settings.