Lumintop FW21 X9LS 1800 Lumens LED Flashlight

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The Lumintop FW21 X9LS is a super high intensity outdoor flashlight with far reaching distance. It adopts a Luminus SFT40 LED and runs on a 21700 battery. It has a maximum output of 1800 lumens and offers an incredible throw distance of 735 meters. X9LS uses an easy to use ramp user interface from the rear electronic tail switch. Stainless steel clip, IP68 protection, X9LS is an ideal lighting device for searching, hiking, camping, etc. The optical part of this light is composed of a mirror polished aluminum reflector for a clean, concentrated and very bright beam. The LED is of the latest generation and as we said it is the Luminus SFT-40. The lens is in mineral glass, particularly thick and with anti-reflection treatment on both sides. The maximum distance achievable when using the Turbo level is 735 meters. This flashlight can be powered by a single 21700 rechargeable Li-ion cell or alternatively by an 18650 cell with a suitable reducer adapter. The important thing is to always use high discharge cells >10A given the powers involved. The maximum length of the cell cannot exceed 70.5 mm therefore in the case of a 21700 cell a cell without a protection circuit will probably have to be used.

.The user interface is managed entirely by a single switch present in the queue. The driver allows you to use ramping mode and then switch between maximum and minimum by pressing and holding the switch. To access the Turbo, just two consecutive clicks on the switch both from the torch on and off. To directly access the lowest Moonlight mode, just hold down the switch for over 1 second with the flashlight off. For the battery check, just click the switch three times when the torch is off, while 4 consecutive clicks are enough to electrically lock or unlock the interface. The dimensions of this light are extremely compact, in fact it can be easily held in one hand and can also be used with one hand: the dimensions are 40 mm Ø head x 123.5 mm length x 25.2mm Ø head while the weight is 128 g without battery . The Lumintop FW21 X9LS is also a safe flashlight and has different protection systems such as over discharge protection which prevents the battery without protection from discharging excessively and damaging itself irreparably, reverse protection which protects the flashlight from incorrect insertion of the battery, voltage protection which verifies that the cell voltage is not too low and if not, it decreases the output or completely switches off the light, and over heat protection which automatically reduces the output if the temperature rises too much, thus protecting the internal parts of the torch such as the LED, the battery and the electronic circuits. The Lumintop FW21 X9LS is totally made of anodized aluminum alloy and is waterproof according to the IP68 standard and can resist underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters without any problem.

ANSI/FL1 Moonlight High Turbo
Output 1.5 Lumen 800 Lumen 1800 Lumen
Runtime 30 Day 2h 90S+1h 50min
Distance 735m (Max)
Intensity 135000cd (Max)
Impact Resistance 1m
Waterproof IPX-8, underwater 2m
Light Source Luminus SFT40 LED
Power 21W (Max)
Battery 1 X 21700 Li-ion with max length 70.5mm (excluded)
Size 40*25.2*123mm (Head*Tube*Length)
Net Weight ~128g (inner sleeve and battery are excluded)