Lumintop GT3 Pro 27000 Lumens Search Flashlight

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The Lumintop GT3 pro is a compact but powerful flashlight capable of reaching an output level of 27000 lumens. This light is equipped with large powerful XHP70.2 LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The lens is made of ultra-transparent mineral glass with an anti-reflection treatment while the reflector that houses the three LEDs is made of aluminum and has an orange peel treatment for the generation of a soft and clean beam without any type of artifact. It is powered by 4*21700 rechargeable lithium-ion cells and the maximum distance that can be reached is 707 meters. The maximum length of batteries this light supports is 71mm. This flashlight is equipped with a USB-C charging interface that allows for a maximum quick charge of 100 watts at 5 amps. Furthermore, the charging interface is bidirectional therefore the flashlight can also be used as a Power Bank. The light is equipped with an intelligent LCD display which shows information on the state of charge and the remaining amount of charge in the batteries. Interface management is ensured by a lateral electronic switch which allows you to select the preferred output level. The interface also features a level ramp so you can choose your favorite level from an infinite number of possibilities. On the side there is a screw to attach a tripod and a steel ring is also included to attach the lanyard. The body is made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a Type III military finish. The dimensions are 70*60*155mm, with a net weight of 610g (excluding batteries). Wash assistance the water is given according to the IP68 standard therefore the torch is resistant to water and dust. The output levels are divided as follows: six lumen Moonlight with a maximum runtime of 25 days; High 1 of 4000 lumens with a runtime of 2 hours and 50 minutes; High 2 of 9000 lumens with a runtime of 40 seconds + 2 hours and 40 minutes; Turbo of 27000 lumens and a runtime of 20 seconds + 2 hours and 40 minutes. There is also a 9000 lumens Strobe/SOS/Beacon level. The maximum reachable distance is 707 m while the maximum luminous intensity is 125,000 candelas.

In summary, the GT3 Pro is the updated format from GT3. Equipped with USB-C charging and discharging function, supports 100W 5A super fast charging and discharging. Adopts three XHP70.2 LEDs and runs on four 21700 Li-ion batteries, outputs max output of 27000 lumens on Turbo and offers a distance of up to 707 meters. LCD display, IP68 protection, portable lanyard ring, GT3 Pro is a must-have for outdoor activities such as searching, camping, etc.

  Moonlight High 1 High 2 Turbo Strobe/SOS/Beacon
Output 6 Lumen 4000 Lumen 9000 Lumen 27000 Lumen 9000 Lumens
Runtime 25Day 2h 50min 40S+2h 45min 20S+2h 40min /
Distance 707m (Max)
Intensity 125000cd (Max)
Impact Resistance 1m
Waterproof IP68, underwater 2m
Light Source 3 X Cree XHP70.3 LED
Power 365W (Max)
Battery 4 X 21700Li-ion, flat-top, max length 71mm (excluded)
Size 70*60*155mm (Head*Tube*Length)
Net Weight ~610g (battery excluded)