Lumintop Mach 26000 Lumens Flood Flashlight

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The Lumintop Mach is a high power LED flashlight featuring an innovative automatic fan cooling system. It uses 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs which emits a maximum output of 26000 lumens in Turbo mode and offers a lighting distance of up to 520 meters. It features a USB-C rechargeable battery with a maximum charging current of 4A and runs on 3 x 21700 lithium batteries (not included).

The distinguishing feature of the Lumintop Mach is its self-cooling fan design, which allows for faster cooling and longer run time before the flashlight overheats on High and Turbo modes. This advanced cooling system ensures optimal performance and longer life of the lighting. The flashlight offers a smooth transition from Moonlight mode to High mode, with a maximum output of 26000 lumens and a lighting distance of 520 meters. In addition, Strobe (flashing), SOS and Beacon modes are available, offering versatility and can be used in emergency situations or as distress signals. The Lumintop Mach supports the battery check function, which allows you to check the state of charge of the batteries through a sequence of flashes. It is also possible to lock the torch to prevent accidental ignition during transport or storage.

An interesting feature of the Lumintop Mach is its active ventilation function. When the flashlight is set to Turbo mode or when the temperature reaches high levels in High mode, the fan automatically activates to help dissipate excess heat. To save energy, the fan switches off automatically when the temperature drops.

The flashlight features an LCD display that allows you to easily view the charging status and remaining power. This allows the user to monitor the battery life of the flashlight during use.

The Lumintop Mach is designed for easy operation with a side electronic switch that allows for simple, one-handed operation. It also features a standard tripod design, allowing you to use it hands-free and carry it along conveniently.

The Lumintop Mach is a high-powered flashlight that offers exceptional illumination, a long illumination distance and a host of advanced features. With its self-cooling design, IPX-8 water resistance, and ability to function as a power bank, it's an ideal option for activities like self-defense, camping, fishing, and many more. Its power, reliability and versatility make it an indispensable tool for enthusiasts

1.8 X Cree XHP50.3 LED
2.3X21700 lithium battery
3.Distance:520 meters
4. Fan heat dissipation
5. IPX-8 waterproof
6. Power bank function: built-in USB-C discharge function, supporting maximum discharge current of 3A
7. Usage: self-defense, camping, fishing
8.Light intensity: 67500 candela (maximum)
9.Power: 234W (maximum)
10.Size: 68 * 51 * 153 mm
11.Net weight: 510 grams (excluding batteries)

Operation Instruction

1.ON/ OFF: One click of the switch.
2. Output change: From ON, press and hold the switch to ramp the output up to High 1,or down to Moonlight.

3. High 2 and Turbo: From ON, 2 quick clicks the switch to enter High 2, another 2 clicksto Turbo, and 2 clicks again will go to High 1.         Press and hold the switch from High 2 orTurbo will ramp the output down.

4. Moonlight:From OFF, press and hold the switch for 1 second.
5. Strobe/ SOS/ Beacon: From Moonlight, two quick clicks the switch to enter Strobe,another two dlicks to cycle through SOS- Beacon- Strobe.

6. Battery check: Three clicks the switch from OFF.

   Blink 3 times then another 7 times,3.7V

    Blink 3 times then another 8 times, 3.8VAnd so on.
7. Lock-out/ Unlock:4 clicks from OFF. Momentary ON is available under lock-out whenpressing the switch.

8. Fan mode: From OFF, 5 clicks the switch to activate or inactive the Fan mode.

With the fan function activated, the fan will turn on automatically when it goes to Turbo.Or when the temperature is high on High2. To save energy, the fan will automatically beturned off after the temperature drops.

9. Switch back-lit light ON/ OFF: Continuously 7 clicks from OFF.