Lumintop THORⅠ White Laser Flashlight

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The Lumintop Thor I is a small and light ED flashlight equipped with the latest generation LEP system capable of generating a highly directional and concentrated laser beam of white light. The available brightness levels are 2: Low of 40 lumens with a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes, and the High level of 400 lumens with a runtime of 5 min + 50 min.

Despite the relatively low power, this torch produces a very concentrated and bright beam without any lateral dispersion on the spill: this means that the beam will be used above all to illuminate at great distances. In fact, it has a maximum intensity of 342,000 candelas which means a range of over 1200 meters when using the highest output level. The Lumintop Thor I is made entirely of military aircraft aluminum with type III hard anodizing for exceptional corrosion and wear resistance. The dimensions of this flashlight are extremely compact, it is very small and fits comfortably inside the palm of a hand. It is convenient to carry, for example, inside the pocket of a jeans or for example in the bag. The dimensions are 96 mm x 32 mm x 22.5 mm while the weight is 102 grams for the aluminum version (excluding battery). The maximum power of the Lumintop Thor I is 9W.

Power is supplied by a single lithium-ion cell in the 18350 format (not included in the package). The interface management is done through the only switch on the flashlight located in the queue. A single click on the switch is enough to turn the flashlight on or off. The red auxiliary LED is ON when the light is OFF. With the light on and half-pressing the switch, the brightness levels can be varied. The Lumintop Thor I also has a memory mode that saves the last level used by the user. This way when the torch is turned on again it will turn on to the saved output level. To access the Strobo just double click on the switch when the flashlight is on. With 6 continuous quick clicks you access a hidden function for activating the hidden Flash Mode.

There is Low Voltage Protection which automatically decreases the output when the cell voltage reaches 3.2 volts or completely turns off the light when the cell voltage is 2.8V. And there is also the overheating protection that protects the flashlight when it reaches too high temperatures by automatically decreasing the output to a lower level and informing the user with a series of flashes.

The workmanship of the body makes this torch very elegant: on the head there are vertical millings, while on the central body there are deep millings that form rhombuses and which guarantee exceptional grip. The tailcap has an anti-rolling profile and has slots for the insertion of tritium bars. On the body there are also two golden inserts that make this torch even more elegant and fascinating. Compact, light, powerful and easy to carry, the Lumintop Thor I is also perfect to use as a normal EDC flashlight for everyday use.


    OUTPUT 40 Lumen 400 Lumen
    Runtime 1H 45MIN 5M+ 50M*
    INTENSITY 34200cd (Max)
    DISTANCE 1200m (Max)
    WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
    SIZE 96*32*22.5mm (Length*Head Ø*Tube Ø)
    NET WEIGHT 102g (Aluminum)
    LIGHT SOURCE White Laser Emitter
    POWER 9W (Max)
    BATTERY 1 X 18350 Li-ion (excluded)