Manker Mk34 II Powerful Searchlight

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The Mankerlight MK34 II is the natural evolution of the first generation MK34 and differs from the latter for some improvements in terms of efficiency and luminous power. This light can be equipped with different types of LEDs with different powers and different colors: cold white or neutral white. Option 1: 12* CREE XHP50.2 LED (cool white), max. 34,000+ lumens output, max. projection distance of 283 meters; Option 2: 12* LUMINUS SST40 LEDs (cool white), max. output 20,000 lumens, max. throwing distance of 350 meters; Option 3: 12* LUMINUS SST40 LEDs (neutral white), max. 17,600 lumen output, max. throwing distance of 330 meters. This torch has 3 orange peel reflectors for uniform and soft extended peripheral illumination. Each reflector houses 4 LEDs. The lens is made of ultra-clear glass with an anti-reflection coating while the high-efficiency constant circuit provides stable output (non-PWM). The user interface is simple and intuitive: there is a single button controls all brightness levels and functions, there are 5 user-selectable moonlight modes (0.1 - 2 lumens) to meet your different needs, single click on general mode to switch between 5 different brightness levels, double click to enter Turbo from any mode (except lockout mode), Triple click to enter special Strobe/Beacon/SOS modes. And present The function of remembering the level of brightness used last time and the lock mode prevents accidental activation. The body is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum alloy

With Premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish while the oxidation color of the body is gun gray. The triangle-shaped flashlight head and ultra-compact flashlight body allow end users to easily operate the MK34II with one hand. The extremely compact size also allows for easy transport of the light inside a backpack or coat pocket. In fact, the dimensions are comparable to those of a can of beer. This light features an indicator integrated into the side switch which indicates the remaining battery voltage and also has electronic reverse polarity protection and over discharge protection. The advanced intelligent temperature regulation module automatically adjusts the torch's output and adapts to the surrounding environment, maintaining optimal performance at all times. the size of this light is: 4.31"/109.5mm long, 1.81"/46mm tail diameter, 2.49"/63.36mm triangle side(flashlight head), 2 .37" / 60.2 mm in height of triangle (flashlight head) while the weight is 11.15 ounces / 316 grams (without battery) or 16.51 ounces / 468 grams (with 3 batteries). The power supply of the light is supplied by 3 18650 rechargeable lithium ion cells and Mankerlight recommends, as always, using only cells with high discharge current on its torches, given that the power of the light at the Turbo is very high. On the head this light also has a standard screw for attaching to a tripod so you can also use the light as a spotlight without having to hold it.

Product: High Power Searchlight (Pocket Floodlight)
Model No.: MK34 II
Dimension: 4.31" / 109.5 mm length
                 1.81" / 46 mm tail diameter
                 2.49" / 63.36 mm side of triangle (flashlight head)
                 2.37" / 60.2 mm height of triangle (flashlight head)
LED Emitter: 12x CREE XHP50.2 CW
Max. Output: 34,000+ LM (XHP50.2 CW) / 20,000 LM (SST40 CW) / 17,600 LM (SST40 NW)
Working Voltage: 8.7V - 12.6V
Compatible Batteries: 3 x 18650
Waterproof: IPX-8, 2M
Weight: 11.15 oz / 316 gram (without battery),
            16.51 oz / 468 gram (with 3x batteries)