Mankerlight E03H II 600LM EDC Flashlight

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The Mankerlight E03H II is a small angle light to be used as a frontal or as a normal EDC. Its peculiarity is that having an interchangeable and sliding filter positioned in front of the light allows you to vary the beam and generate a totally flood light and optionally colored red and green. This model can be purchased in two different configurations: the first equipped with a 6500K SST20 Cool White LED and the second with a 4000K SST20 Neutral White LED with a high color rendering index CRI> 95. The light is powered by a single 14500 cell not included in the package but can also be powered by a very common AA cell. Its working range in fact goes from 0.7V-1.8V to 3.0-4.3V. The output levels and runtimes vary depending on the type of cell used. The maximum output level is 360 lumens when using a NiMH type AA battery while it is 600 lumens when using a rechargeable Li-ion 14500 cell. The maximum distance reached is 63m when using an AA NiMH battery, while it is 83m when using a rechargeable lithium 14500 cell. The maximum runtime is 100 hours when using an AA NiMH cell on the lowest output level. The flashlight comes with a soft and comfortable elastic band. The tail cap is flat so the flashlight can be used as if it were a candle in tailstanding. The tail switch is also magnetic so the flashlight can be attached to any metal surface and used without the use of hands. The body of the light is made entirely of aircraft aluminum and has a type III anti-abrasion anodized treatment. The belt clip is reversible and allows you to attach the flashlight to any type of garment, hat, backpack and MOLLE system. The switch is electronic and is located near the head at the top. It is metallic and surrounded by a small bezel ring. Given the position in which the switch is located it is particularly easy to find and activate. The head has deep and thick dissipation fins that help dissipate the heat produced by the LED when the flashlight is turned on at very high output levels.The central part of the body and the part of the tail cap have horizontal millings that allow for have an excellent grip even when your hands are damp or wet or if you are using particularly thick gloves. The particular design of the head with a sliding diffuser allows you to switch to a fully flood beam. In fact, it is enough to slide the sliding diffuser in front of the lens to have a very soft and balanced flood beam. Furthermore, using the supplied colored diffusers it is possible to choose whether to have a green or red beam.The dimensions of this light are extremely compact in fact it is only 78.56 mm long, the diameter of the head is only 23.15 mm while the diameter of the body is of 19.5 mm. The weight is only 35.9 grams without headband and without battery, 58.2 grams with the headband. The package is complete and includes, in addition to the flashlight, also a spare o-ring, a belt clip, the headband, lanyard, and the white, red and green filters.


Output & runtime (using an Eneloop PRO AA NiMH battery)
ECO mode     0.1 lumens   620 hours
Middle            50 lumens    10 hours 30 minutes
High             140 lumens      3 hours 12 minutes
Turbo           360 lumens      3 hours
Strobe          360 lumens      -


Output & runtime (using a 14500 li-ion battery)
ECO  mode        5 lumens   22 hours
Middle           110 lumens     4 hours   5 minutes
High              300 lumens     1 hours 15 minutes
Turbo            600 lumens     1 hours 10 minutes
Strobe           600 lumens     -