NOC MT-22 M390 Blade TC4 Titanium Alloy Handle Folding Knife

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The NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife is an embodiment of precision, elegance, and superior craftsmanship. It stands as a testament to the beauty and functionality that can be achieved when premium materials and meticulous attention to detail are combined. With a design that seamlessly marries form and function, this knife offers an unparalleled cutting experience that is both reliable and exquisite.

The NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife boasts dimensions that strike the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics. Its total length measures 165mm (6.49 inches), making it compact enough to be comfortably carried yet substantial enough to handle a diverse range of cutting tasks. The blade itself spans 60mm (2.36 inches), providing a versatile cutting edge that is well-suited for various applications.

The handle, a testament to precision engineering, measures 95mm (3.74 inches) in length, allowing for a secure and ergonomic grip. The knife's blade thickness is a substantial 4.0mm (0.15 inches), ensuring durability and strength, while the handle thickness is 17mm (0.66 inches), contributing to a sleek profile that retains its robustness.

At the heart of the NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife lies its blade, meticulously crafted from M390 steel. M390 is celebrated for its exceptional qualities, including impressive edge retention, resistance to corrosion, and overall toughness. It ranks among the finest blade materials available, ensuring that your knife remains sharp and reliable even under the most demanding conditions.

The knife's blade undergoes a process that combines stone washing and plane sanding, resulting in a distinctive finish that blends ruggedness with refinement. The stone washing imparts a worn-in texture to the blade, while the plane sanding enhances aesthetics and durability. The black nano coating not only adds a touch of sophistication but also offers additional protection against wear and corrosion.

The handle of the NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife is a testament to the unparalleled qualities of TC4 titanium alloy. This material, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion, is the embodiment of elegance and durability. To further enhance its appeal, the handle undergoes an anodic oxidation stone washing treatment, creating a finish that is not only visually stunning but also highly resilient.

Despite its robust construction and exceptional durability, the NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife remains remarkably lightweight. With a weight of just 139g (4.9oz), it embodies the essence of a versatile everyday carry. Whether you're a minimalist hiker or a discerning urban dweller in need of a reliable cutting tool, this knife's featherlight design ensures it won't weigh you down.

The knife's operation is a testament to precision, thanks to the incorporation of KVT ceramic ball bearings. These bearings provide an incredibly smooth and precise blade deployment, allowing for effortless one-handed opening and closing. Whether you require precision slicing or swift access to your knife, the ceramic ball bearings ensure that every action is executed flawlessly.

The NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife isn't just a tool; it's a statement piece. Its sleek and minimalist design, combined with the lustrous finish of the TC4 titanium handle, exudes sophistication and elegance. Whether you choose to showcase it as a work of art or put it to practical use, this knife is a testament to the beauty of precision engineering.

Every facet of the NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife has been meticulously designed with unwavering attention to detail. From the precision angles of the blade's edge to the expertly anodized TC4 titanium handle, each element of this knife represents the pinnacle of precision engineering. It's a knife that not only excels in performance but also delights the senses with its craftsmanship. The NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife is more than a cutting tool; it's a masterpiece that embodies precision and elegance. With its exceptional blade material, superior handle construction, lightweight design, and flawless operation, it sets a new standard in precision cutlery. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a professional, or someone who values the finer things in life, the NOC MT-22 M390 TC4 knife is the perfect companion for all your cutting needs. Elevate your everyday carry with this exquisite piece of craftsmanship and experience the art of cutting at its finest.

Total length: 165mm (6.49in)
Blade length: 60mm (2.36in)
Blade width: 28mm (1.1in)
Blade thickness: 4.0mm (0.15in)
Blade material: M390 (60-61hr
Cutting surface: stone washing + plane sanding, Black nano coating
Handle length: 95mm (3.74in)
Handle width: 25mm (0.98in)
Handle thickness: 17mm (0.66in)
Handle material: TC4 titanium alloy, anodic oxidation stone washing treatment.
Weight: 139g (4.9oz)