NOC MT14 M390 blade titanium handle tactical folding knife

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The NOC MT14 M390 is compact and portable, measuring just 5.708 inches (145mm) in overall length when fully deployed. With a blade length of 2.165 inches (55mm), it strikes the perfect balance between size and utility. This pocket-sized wonder is designed to be your constant companion, ready to tackle everyday cutting tasks with ease.

At the core of this remarkable knife lies its blade, meticulously crafted from high-end M390 steel. This premium steel boasts an impressive hardness rating of 61HRC, ensuring exceptional edge retention and overall durability. The blade's satin and wire drawing finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances its resistance to corrosion.

Despite its small stature, the NOC MT14 M390's blade is more than capable of handling a wide range of cutting challenges. The cutting edge measures 1.889 inches (48mm), providing ample surface area for precise and efficient slicing.

The handle of the NOC MT14 M390 is a marvel of ergonomic design. Crafted from TC4 titanium alloy, it's both lightweight and sturdy. The handle's dimensions—3.740 inches (95mm) in length, 0.629 inches (16mm) in width, and 0.669 inches (17mm) in thickness—fit comfortably in your hand, offering a secure grip and excellent control.

The NOC MT14 M390 features a front flipper as its opening mechanism, and it's equipped with a ball bearing system. This combination ensures smooth and effortless blade deployment, allowing you to access the blade quickly and with precision. Whether you're opening boxes, cutting rope, or handling everyday tasks, this knife is ready to perform.

One notable feature of the NOC MT14 M390 is its full structure manual disassembly design. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a screwdriver when taking the knife apart for maintenance or cleaning. This level of user-friendliness demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to creating a knife that's as practical as it is functional.

Despite its robust construction and premium materials, the NOC MT14 M390 remains exceptionally lightweight. Weighing in at just 4.4 ounces (127g), it's barely noticeable in your pocket. This featherweight design makes it a perfect choice for those who appreciate portability without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, the NOC MT14 M390 is a compact folding knife with big ambitions. Its exceptional blade material, ergonomic handle, smooth action, and user-friendly design set it apart in the world of everyday carry knives. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or simply seeking a reliable cutting tool for daily tasks, the NOC MT14 M390 delivers in style.

With its combination of precision engineering and top-tier materials, this pocket-sized powerhouse is more than just a knife—it's a statement of quality and performance. Whether you're slicing, dicing, or simply admiring its craftsmanship, the NOC MT14 M390 is ready to impress. It's proof that even in a compact package, excellence knows no bounds.

Overall Length:5.708"(145mm)
Blade Length:2.165"(55mm)
Cutting Edge:1.889"(48mm)
Blade Width:0.511"(13mm)
Blade Thickness:0.157"(4mm)
Blade Material:M90(61hrc)
Finish:Satin/wire drawing
Handle Length:3.740"(95mm)
Handle Width:0.629"(16mm)
Handle Thickness:0.669"(17mm)
Handle Material:TC4 titanium alloy, CNC cutting.
Weight:4.4 oz.(127 g)
Opener:Front flipper
System:Ball bearing
Full structure manual disassembly design, without screwdriver