Olight iXV Mini Keychain Flashlight

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The Olight iXV Mini is a small keychain flashlight ideal for being attached to a bunch of house or car keys, for example, to have it always at hand for any occasion. It is extremely compact and light so it is very convenient to carry. It is also possible to keep it inside a jeans pocket and it will be like not having it. The Olight iXV is equipped with a high-performance LED that produces a beam with a cool tint. The optical lens is a TIr therefore a total reflection lens that provides a clean and uniform beam without some strange artifacts. The available brightness levels are two divided as follows: 5 lumens and 180 lumens. The lowest level is useful for all situations in which it is necessary to illuminate in short distances, for example for reading or to illuminate the lock of the house when trying to enter calls in total darkness.

The Olight iXV is equipped with a Type-C port that allows a full recharge of the internal battery in just 100 minutes without having to open the flashlight.

The dimensions are 51.3 mm in length equal to 2.02 in while the weight is just 22 g / 0.78 oz including the internal battery. The body diameter on the other hand is only 16.2 mm / 0.64 in.

The body of the Olight iXV is made entirely of military aluminum with type III hard anodizing which makes the flashlight not only aesthetically beautiful but also particularly resistant to wear, scratches and bad weather. Drop resistance is guaranteed up to 1.5 meters in height while waterproofing is given according to the IPX8 standard (so the flashlight can be placed in the water without being damaged even though it is not a diving flashlight).

The Olight iXV is powered by an internal 3.7V 130 mAh lithium ion cell capable of keeping the light on for over 12 hours on the lowest output level. The maximum brightness is 180 lumens with a maximum range of 48 meters.

The user interface is very simple: in fact, the Olight iXV has only 2 low and high brightness levels. Switching on, switching off and changing the brightness level takes place by rotating the head. There is no switch but it is the head of the flashlight which, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, acts as a switch for managing the interface. The type-C charging port is hidden inside the flashlight and to show it, the head of the flashlight must be almost completely unscrewed from the rest of the body. Next to the charging interface there is a small status LED that provides information on the charging progress. The Olight iXV is a very simple light to use, it changes modes by rotating the head, rotates slightly to access it on 5 lumens and rotates a little more to go to the level of 180 lumens. There is nothing simpler. Thanks to its small size and very light weight, the Olight iXV is perfect as a keychain flashlight to always have at hand for everyday use.

DIMENSIONS: Length: 2.02 in/51.3 mm
Body Diameter: 0.64 in/16.2 mm
LIGHT SOURCE: High Performance Cool White LED
WEIGHT: 0.78oz/22g (Including Battery)
BODY MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy
DROP TEST: 1.5 meters
USE: everyday carry,outdoors,indoors

iXV (Battery Built-in) x 1
USB A-C Charging Cable x 1
User Manual x 1