RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 Pro Versatile Hybrid AAA Keychain Flashlight Limited Edition

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Front LEDs
Tritium vials

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The RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 Pro, compared to the E11, has 3 side LEDs: 365nm UV light for counterfeiting control, red LED to protect night vision and / or signal in case of emergency, 4000K warm white for reading night, to be more unique and practical (if necessary).

Size: 66.1 mm / 2.6 in (W) * 27.5 mm / 1.08 in (W) * 13.5 mm / 0.53 in (H) Weight: 58 g; Built-in battery: Li-po, 330 mAh Double LED: SST-20 6500K cool white x2; or SST-20 4000K warm white 95 CRI x2. Tritium Bars Size: 1.5 mm x 6.0 mm

Package includes: User manual, RX10 box (packaging), Ti Firefly GITD bead (random color), RovyVon LOGO pad, USB AC cable, USB DC cable, keychain (1 for each size L & S), warranty certificate.

The user interface of the RovyVon Angel Eyes E11 Pro is complete and full of features and easy to manage once understood.

 For the Front light, from the flashlight on, with a simple click you access the moonlight level with a further click the flashlight turns off, From the moonlight mode on a triple click of the switch it will switch from Lipo mode to AAA mode. From the flashlight off, holding the switch down will instead go into instant high mode and the flashlight will turn off when the switch is released.

From any mode (Off, Moonlight on or Strobe on) double click to enter the memorized mode and single click to cycle the levels between Low Mid and High. From flashlight off or memorized mode on triple click to access the Strobo and further click to switch to off.

From the torch off, four clicks instead for the electronic lockout of the interface and a further 4 clicks for unlocking. When the front light is on click for 0.5 to turn off the light.

For the Side LEDs (UV + Red + White) on the other hand: from light off, single side click to access the White Low Mode auxiliary light, subsequent clicks to switch from Low to High mode. From flashlight off or WHite On or UV with double click to access the red memorized mode. Additional click to cycle through the levels through Red, Flash and Beacon. From light off, white on or red on triple click to turn on uv mode. On the other hand, when the side light is on, click for 0.5 to turn it off. The status indicator informs the user about the outcome of some operations: for example the transition from Lipo to AAA is signaled by the green LEDs turning on for 3 seconds, while the failed result will be signaled by the blue LEDs flashing. The transition from AAA to Lipo will be signaled successfully when the blue LEDs light up steadily for 3 seconds and failure will be signaled when the green LEDs flash for 3 seconds. When the flashlight is locked the blue LEDs will flash for 3 seconds, when the light is unlocked, the green LEDs will flash for two seconds.