VENOM BONE DOCTOR M390 Titanium CF Flipper folding knife

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The VENOM BONE DOCTOR represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship, making it an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts, collectors, and those who demand nothing but the best in both form and function.

From the moment you lay eyes on the VENOM BONE DOCTOR, you'll realize that it's more than just a tool; it's a work of art. With a total length of 220mm, this folding knife offers a perfect balance between size and portability, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, from everyday cutting to demanding outdoor adventures.

Let's begin by exploring the handle of the VENOM BONE DOCTOR, a true marvel of design and engineering. With a handle length of 122mm and a total thickness of 18mm, it provides a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring precise control over the knife. The handle of the VENOM BONE DOCTOR is crafted from a combination of titanium alloy and zirconium alloy, or alternatively, Damascus titanium and carbon fiber. This combination not only guarantees exceptional durability but also keeps the knife's weight manageable, making it effortless to carry.

The handle treatment includes sandblasting and anodizing, adding both texture and elegance to the knife's appearance. These meticulous processes enhance grip while contributing to the knife's unique and eye-catching design, making it a true masterpiece of functional art. One exceptional feature of the VENOM BONE DOCTOR is its blade. Crafted from M390 powder steel and embedded with carbon fiber, this blade is a true work of technological innovation. With a blade thickness of 4.0mm and a hardness rating of HRC59-61, you can trust this blade to maintain its sharp edge through extended use, ensuring consistent and reliable cutting performance. The flat grinding and satin blade treatment add an extra layer of sophistication to the knife's aesthetics, setting it apart as a tool that not only performs exceptionally but also looks stunning while doing so.

Deploying the blade is a seamless experience, thanks to the precision-engineered flipper mechanism. Whether you're performing delicate precision cuts or tackling more demanding tasks, the VENOM BONE DOCTOR's blade glides open effortlessly, making it a joy to use in any situation. As a bonus, the VENOM BONE DOCTOR comes with a nylon bag and a wiping cloth in its standard configuration. This thoughtful addition provides a convenient way to carry and store the knife while ensuring it remains in pristine condition, ready for your next adventure. Please note that the new model of the VENOM BONE DOCTOR has canceled the tritium tube with a back clip, so be sure to pay attention to this detail when making your purchase. In conclusion, the VENOM BONE DOCTOR M390 Titanium CF Flipper Folding Knife is more than just a tool; it's a fusion of form and function, precision engineering, and artistic craftsmanship. Its size, blade material, premium materials, and meticulous design make it a versatile tool that adapts seamlessly to various situations. Whether you're an experienced outdoors enthusiast, a professional in need of a dependable everyday carry, or a collector seeking a unique piece for your collection, the VENOM BONE DOCTOR exceeds expectations. With this knife in your possession, you're not just carrying a tool; you're carrying a symbol of quality, innovation, and dedication to excellence. It's a reliable companion that's always ready to tackle your cutting needs, no matter where your adventures take you. VENOM continues to set the standard for folding knives, and the VENOM BONE DOCTOR is a shining example of their unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of knife production.

Note: The new model cancels the tritium tube with back clip, please pay attention when purchasing
Total length: 220mm
Blade length: 98mm
Blade thickness: 4.0mm
Blade material: M390 powder steel, embedded with carbon fiber
Blade hardness: HRC59-61
Edge grinding: flat grinding
Blade treatment: satin
Handle length: 122mm
Total thickness of handle: 18mm
Handle material: titanium alloy+zirconium alloy/Damascus titanium+carbon fiber
Handle treatment: sandblasting, anodizing
Fixture material: titanium alloy
Gasket material: ceramic ball bearing
Weight: Damascus titanium 135g/zirconium alloy 139g
Standard configuration: nylon bag+wiping cloth knife