VENOM Harpoon M390 Titanium CF Flipper folding knife

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When it comes to folding knives, the VENOM Harpoon M390 Titanium CF Flipper stands out as a true masterpiece, combining precision engineering with top-notch materials to create a knife that's not only a cutting tool but also a work of art. Designed for the discerning knife enthusiast, this extraordinary piece showcases the pinnacle of craftsmanship, making it an essential companion for outdoor adventures, everyday carry, or collecting.

Let's start with the knife's dimensions. The total length of the VENOM Harpoon is 222mm, making it a formidable tool suitable for a wide range of tasks. Its blade, measuring 98mm, strikes the perfect balance between length and portability, ensuring it's versatile enough for everyday use while remaining substantial for demanding outdoor scenarios.

Now, let's explore the handle of the VENOM Harpoon, a true testament to design excellence and advanced materials. With a length of 124mm, it provides ample room for a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to wield the knife with confidence and precision. The handle is available in two variants: one constructed from Titanium (Ti), and the other featuring a combination of Titanium and Carbon Fiber (CF). Both options are exceptional, but the Ti + CF handle variant offers a compelling blend of strength and lightweight characteristics. Regardless of your choice, the handle's surface is anodized, enhancing its resistance to wear and corrosion. What sets the VENOM Harpoon apart is its exquisite pearlescent blade surface. This unique and stunning finish adds both a touch of elegance and ruggedness to the knife's appearance, making it a standout piece in any collection. It's a testament to VENOM's commitment to elevating the aesthetics of their knives.

One remarkable feature of the VENOM Harpoon is its blade material: M390. Renowned for its exceptional hardness and corrosion resistance, M390 ensures that this blade will maintain a sharp edge through repeated use. With a hardness rating ranging from 59 to 61 HRC, you can trust the VENOM Harpoon to perform reliably and consistently, even in challenging conditions. The blade itself has a thickness of 4.0mm and a width of 30.5mm, making it a robust and capable cutting tool for various tasks. Deploying the blade is a smooth and effortless experience, thanks to the flipper mechanism. Whether you're performing delicate precision cuts or tackling more demanding cutting tasks, the VENOM Harpoon's blade glides open with ease, thanks to the precision engineering behind its flipper design. To add to its allure, the VENOM Harpoon comes in two handle variants, each with its unique net weight. The Ti handle version weighs 150g, providing a substantial and robust feel, while the Ti + CF handle version is slightly lighter at 140g, offering a great balance between strength and weight. Whichever variant you choose, you can trust that you're getting a top-tier folding knife that's built to last. For added convenience, the VENOM Harpoon includes a nylon zip pocket, allowing you to carry and store the knife securely, whether you're on the go or simply looking for a safe way to keep it in your collection. In conclusion, the VENOM Harpoon M390 Titanium CF Flipper Folding Knife is more than just a tool; it's a work of functional art. Its size, blade finish, premium materials, and precision engineering make it a versatile tool that adapts seamlessly to various situations. Whether you're an experienced outdoors enthusiast, a professional in need of a reliable everyday carry, or a collector seeking a unique piece for your collection, the VENOM Harpoon exceeds expectations. With this knife in your possession, you're not just carrying a tool; you're carrying a symbol of quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. It's a reliable companion that's always ready to tackle your cutting needs, no matter where your adventures take you. VENOM has set the standard for folding knives, and the VENOM Harpoon is a shining example of their unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of knife production.

Total length: 222mm
Blade length: 98mm
Handle length: 124mm
Blade thickness: 4.0mm
Blade width: 30.5mm
Blade material: M390
Handle material: Ti + CF / Ti
Handle surface: anodized
Blade surface: pearlescent
Hardness: 59-61 HRC
Net weight: Ti handle version: 150g; Ti + CF handle version 140g
Other: nylon zip pocket