Weltool T1 Pro "Little Duke" Mini EDC flashlight

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The Weltool T1 Pro, also known as "Little Duke," is a highly versatile and compact mini flashlight that packs a punch in performance. Measuring just 9.7 cm in length, this flashlight is perfect for everyday carry (EDC), hiking, camping, and can serve as a reliable backup lighting source when kept in a bedside table or car armrest box. It truly shines in its powerful throwing ability, with a beam distance of up to 290 meters and 21,060 candela.

The T1 Pro features a 5700K neutral white temperature LED, which provides excellent color rendering and a natural lighting experience. It offers flexible power options, allowing you to use one AA alkaline battery, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or install the Weltool BB7 extension tube to use two alkaline batteries, thereby increasing brightness. If you use a 14500 lithium-ion battery, you can achieve an impressive 540 lumens output.

Crafted from durable aluminum alloy using CNC machining and hard anodized coating, the T1 Pro ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. The flashlight's coated tempered glass lens and stainless steel sandblasted bezel protect the internals and enhance its overall durability.

The T1 Pro boasts multiple output modes, depending on the type of battery used. With AA alkaline batteries, it offers three modes: Medium (53 lumens), High (160 lumens), and Low (3 lumens). With 14500 Li-ion batteries, the modes include: Medium (365 lumens), High (540 lumens), and Low (86 lumens). These output levels provide flexibility for different lighting needs and runtime requirements.

The flashlight features a forward switch at the tail, allowing for easy activation with a light touch, or it can be locked to remain continuously on. Its tail-forward switch design ensures simple and intuitive operation.

Safety features include battery polarity protection, ensuring the flashlight remains safeguarded against incorrect battery insertion. The T1 Pro operates without noise and flickering, providing a stable and reliable lighting experience.

Rated with IP67, the T1 Pro is fully submersible and can withstand heavy rain, making it suitable for various weather conditions and outdoor activities. It has also successfully passed a 1-meter drop resistance test, ensuring its durability even in rough environments.

Each Weltool T1 Pro flashlight comes with a unique serial number, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality.

With dimensions of approximately 20mm (head diameter), 18mm (barrel diameter), and 97mm (length), and a weight of around 43g (excluding battery), the T1 Pro is designed to be lightweight and portable for easy carry.

Included with the flashlight is the Weltool Type-C USB charging UB14-09 14500 Li-ion battery (900mAh) and an O-ring for your convenience.

Operating the T1 Pro is simple: correctly install the battery first, then half-press the tail switch button to turn on the flashlight. Repeatedly half-pressing the switch cycles between medium and high modes, and a full click will lock the desired mode. When the flashlight is off, performing more than four consecutive half-presses on the tail switch will activate the low mode.

The Weltool T1 Pro "Little Duke" is a reliable and powerful companion for various activities, providing excellent illumination and ease of use in a compact package.

Features and parameters:

Aluminum alloy CNC machining, hard anodized
Coated tempered glass lens, stainless steel sandblasted bezel
5700K High Density X-LED
Aluminum alloy reflector
Output: (AA alkaline batteries)

Battery 1*AA battery 2*AA batteries
Model Med High Low Med High Low
Light output 53lm 160lm 3lm 134lm 324lm 34lm
Beam intensity 1895cd 5,780cd 148cd 4,500cd 12,100cd 1,250cd
Beam distance 95yd 166yd 26yd 146yd 240yd 76yd
Runtime 3.5h 39min 92h 10.5h 30min 84h


Output: (14500 Li-ion battery)

Model Med High Low
Light output 365lm 540lm 86lm
Beam intensity 12,080cd 21,060cd 2,560cd
Beam distance 239yd 317yd 110yd
Runtime 1h10min 38min 8h42min

Can use 1 AA alkaline battery, AA Ni-MH battery, Energizer L91 lithium battery, 14500 Li-ion battery; you can also buy Weltool BB7 extension tube to use 2 AA alkaline batteries or Ni-MH batteries.

Head-to-body structure

The body has two holding positions at the front and rear, with a stainless steel pocket clip

Tail forward switch

Flashlight with battery polarity protection

No noise and no flicker

Passed the 1-meter drop resistance test, IP67, can be used in heavy rain

Each flashlight has its own serial number

Size (±0.5mm): (head diameter) 20mm, (barrel diameter) 18mm, (length) 97mm

Weight excluding battery: (±0.5g) 43g

Including: Weltool Type-C USB charging UB14-09 14500 Li-ion battery (900mAh), O-ring


Install the battery correctly first

Half-press the tail switch button once, the flashlight starts to work, release the switch and the flashlight stops working. Press this repeatedly to cycle between medium and high, locking the mode after the switch "clicks" in any mode.

In the off state, press halfway for more than 4 times in a row to open the low mode