Wurkkos WK04 Double-Sided USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

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The Wurkkos WK04 is an EDC torch for everyday use with a particular and unique design. In fact, it is made with a double-sided design that allows it to have two light sources opposite each other. This light is equipped with a 90CRI 4750K - 5000K LED and an auxiliary red LED light. Its working range varies from 2.7V to 4.2V while the power supply is given by a single non-removable internal rechargeable lithium-ion cell. The dimensions are extremely small in fact it is only 70 mm long and its diameter is just 22.5mm. Its weight is 32g excluding the battery. The body is entirely made of 6061 anodized aluminum alloy which offers it high strength and resistance to wear and bad weather. The battery is recharged by means of the type C charging interface on the side of the flashlight and well covered by a small rubber cap. The maximum usage time is 228 minutes when turned on at the lowest output level while the maximum brightness is 260 lumens with the spotlight.

On one side of the WK04 is the spot light which provides 3 levels of brightness: Low, Medium and High. On the other side there is a small diffuser that produces a totally diffused light and this too has 3 levels of brightness Low Medium and High. In addition to this, the light on the diffuser side can be changed from white to red and be used in emergency situations. For the red light, there are only 2 output levels: Always on and flashing light. Interface management is entrusted to the only switch on the light located on the side. It is rubberized and easily activated and identifiable even in total darkness. Inside the switch, a small status LED allows you to understand when the battery charge is complete and the status of the cell capacity. The spot light has a maximum angle of 10 degrees and this allows it to reach very far, while the flood light has an angle of 85 degrees. If the battery voltage is too low, it turns off automatically, while on, if the battery doesn't have enough power, the LED indicator will flash red. The output levels of the spot light are divided as follows: Low of 20 lumens with a maximum distance reached of 21 meters and 111 cd, Medium of 90 lumens with a maximum distance reached of 47 meters and 558 cd, and High of 260 lumens with a maximum distance reached 75 meters and 1412 candles. The flood light output levels are divided as follows: Low of 15 lumens with a maximum distance reached of 3 meters and 2 cd, Medium of 70 lumens with a maximum distance reached of 4m meters and 5 cd, and High of 230 lumens with a maximum distance reached 7 meters and 13.8 candelas.

1.90CRI white LED 4750K-5000K;Red LED
2.Working Voltage:2.7V -4.2V
3.Battery:the built-in polymer battery
4.Dimension:70mm (length)*22.5mm (head diameter)
5.Weight:32g(without battery)
6.Flashlight body:6061 aluminum alloy
7.USB Type-C Charging
8.Spotlight angle:10°,flood light angle:85°
9.If the battery voltage is too low,it turns off automatically.
10.while on,if the battery doesn't have enough power,the LED indicator will flash red
Mode Low Medium High Red beam Red flash
Luminous(spotlight) 20Lm 90Lm 260Lm / /
Luminous(floodlight) 15Lm 70Lm 230lm 3lm  
Runtime 3.8h 121min 45min / /
Distance(spotlight) 21m 47 m 75m / /
Distance(floodlight) 3m 4m 7m 1m /
Intensity(spotlight) 111cd 558cd 1412cd / /
Intensity(floodlight) 2cd 5cd 13.8 2cd /
Impact resistance 1 meter / 3.28 feet
Waterproof IP65
Note The above-mentioned parameters are based on tests according to international flashlight testing standards (ANSI/NEMA FL1) using the 300mAh polymer battery in our laboratory. Results may vary with different batteries or under different environmental conditions.