XTAR D28 3600 Diving Flashlight

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The XTAR D28 3600 is an extremely powerful dive light ideal for cave/wreck diving. It is equipped with a latest generation XHP70.2 P4 LED with very high efficiency and a useful life of 20,000 hours. Its maximum power is 3600 lumens when used at turbo. There are four possible output levels divided as follows: We have a low level of 200 lumens and 16 hours of runtime, a medium level of 500 lumens and 7.5 hours of real time, a high level at 2000 lumens and four hours of run time and a turbo level of 3600 lumens with 2.5 hours of runtime.Vv. The maximum distance that can be reached is 550 m, corresponding to 75,625 candles. The color temperature of the beam is extremely cold and is 7000K. The flashlight has a single switch that allows you to turn the flashlight on and off when it is pressed or to switch to lockout mode, simply by turning it to the left. The switch is particularly comfortable and simple to activate just as it should be in situations where you are using a diving torch in the deep sea. The deep and smooth dish allows to obtain an extremely focused beam, with an aperture of 8° which allows it to reach long distances even underwater. Above the side switch there is a LED Status indicator that allows you to understand when the battery is low and when it is necessary to charge the cells. Therefore, it will flash red when the cell capacity is less than one per 100, while it will be solid red when the capacity is between one per 100 and 30%, while it will be solid green when the cell capacity is between 30% and 100%. To switch from one level to another, just with the torch on, click on the switch. This will allow you to scroll through the four brightness levels provided, while with a long press it is possible to turn off the torch. The XTAR D28 3600 also has the anti reverse Circuit connection which allows you to protect the torch from incorrect insertion of the cells. The body of this flashlight is made of Solid 6N03 which allows it to resist abrasions, corrosion thanks to its type III hard anodized finish. The flashlight was waterproof according to the IPX8 standard and is therefore submersible up to a depth of 100m. When the torch is used on land, its temperature, given the power, could rise dramatically. But thanks to the temperature regulation circuit, the brightness is automatically decreased to preserve the life of the LED, the batteries and the internal circuits when it reaches 70°. When the flashlight is used underwater, the temperature will never rise excessively because the heat dissipation will be very efficient thanks also to the deep and thick dissipation fins it is equipped with. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a 4-cell 18650 charger, USB charging cable, spare o-rings, USB adapter, wrist strap and user manual.
Model D28 3600
ANSI Turbo High Mid Low
Lumens 3600lm 2000lm 500lm 200
Runtime 2.5hr 4hr 7.5hr 16hr
Beam Throw 550m
Beam Angle
Max. Intensity 75625cd
ColorTemperature 7000K (Cool White)
IPX8 Underwater 100m
Size Φ84(Head)*Φ50(Body)*Φ57.5(Tail), Overall Length 191.5mm
Net Weight 396g