XTAR D36 5800 II Diving Flashlight

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The XTAR D36 5800 II is a powerful flashlight equipped with different types of LEDs: CREE XHP70.2 and CSLPM1.TG. This torch is capable of producing two completely different beams: The large and powerful XHP 70.2 type LED is used to produce a 4200 lumens flood beam at the Turbo which, thanks to its 135 ° opening angle, allows illuminate everything in front of you over short distances. The other LED, coupled with a small and deep reflector with orange peel treatment, allows to generate a Beam spot with an 8° angular opening and a maximum output of 1600 lumens. It is ideal for lighting over long distances. The user interface is simple and intuitive and can be managed through the use of two different buttons to control 9 lighting modes. We have three normal levels plus a strobe level for both the flood light and the spot light, while when using the combined beams we have a single Turbo level given by the sum of the Turbos of the flood and spot beam.

The light levels for the flood beam are divided as follows: High 4200 Lumens, medium 2100 Lumens, low 1200 Lumens and strobe 2100 Lumens. For the spot type beam, the levels are divided as follows: High of 1600 Lumens, medium of 750 lumens, low of 400 lumens and SOS of 750 lumens. For the Spot + Flood beam there is a single level of 5800 lumens given by the sum of the two beams (4200 lumens of the Flood level + 1600 lumens of the spot level). The maximum distance reached is 215 m, equal to 11,640 candles. The flashlight is water resistant according to the IPX 8 standard, and is submersible up to 100 m in depth, while the resistance of falls is given up to 1 m in height. The dimensions are 176.2 mm in length, 52 mm in the diameter of the body, 62 mm in diameter and the head. The weight is 640 grams, without considering the batteries. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a charger, a USB power supply, a type-C charging cable, a wrist strap, two spare o-rings, four 18650 batteries, charger user manual, flashlight user manual and a practical and capacious transport bag. To change the type of beam or adjust the brightness level, just use the two switches on the side of the torch. By pressing the right switch it is possible to switch from flood mode to spot mode. While, by pressing the left switch, it is possible to adjust the brightness level.

Above the switches there is also a small OLED display that allows you to view the current output, the selected mode, the battery level and the maximum runtime for the selected level. Being of the OLED type, the display is always perfectly visible thanks to its 180° viewing angle. Under the two switches there is an LED indicator that allows you to understand when the battery is low. In fact, it lights up red when the battery is less than 10% while it lights up green when the battery has a capacity greater than 10% The interface also features two hidden modes: Under spotlight, a long press on the left switch will allow direct access to SOS mode. While under floodlight, a long press on the left switch will allow access to strobe mode.

ANSI Flood Spot Turbo Flood + Spot
High Mid Low Strobe High Mid Low SOS
Luminance 4200lm 2100lm 1200lm 2100lm 1600lm 750lm 400lm 750lm 5800lm
Runtime 230min 480min 680min / 300min 550min 920min / 128min
Beam Throw 215m
Max. Intensity 11640cd
Drop Test lm
IPX8 Underwater 100m
Net Weight 640g(without battery)
Size Φ62mm(head) XΦ52mm(body) X 176.2mm(length)