XTAR WALRUS D08 Diving Flashlight

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The XTAR WALRUS D08 is a flashlight born to be used underwater by divers but also to be used as a fill light, as a video light and focus light during underwater shooting. This is an indispensable tool for those who practice underwater photography in the deep sea. Its maximum Turbo output reaches 2000 lumens and the maximum runtime is 4 hours. The beam angle is 120 °, so it is very wide and guarantees illumination of everything in front of you. This torch is equipped with two different switches that allow you to use and manage the interface in a very simple and intuitive way. Among the various output levels, there is also the SOS level which can save your life when you are in a difficult situation. The color rendering index is very high as this torch is equipped with LEDs that produce a neutral type beam with CRI > 95. The red light allows you to approach the shyest creatures without frightening them in the depths of the sea. The power supply of this flashlight is supplied by four 18650 cells included in the package. The body is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum with a nice smooth used finish. The thicknesses are abundant and the torch gives a feeling of absolute robustness. This torch is equipped with a rotating magnetic tail switch which allows you to switch between red, high and white levels , low white and SOS. The side switch placed on the head, on the other hand, allows you to turn the torch on or off. Next to the side switch there are LED status indicators that light up in blue to indicate the amount of residual charge in the cell. There are four possible output levels and they are divided as follows: High from 2000 lumens is a runtime of 4.1 hours Low from 900 lumens and a runtime of 816 hours, SOS from 500 lumens with a runtime of 72 hours and red from 180 lumens and 12.2 runtime hours. The maximum distance of the beam is 40 M, equal to 395 candelas, therefore it is a totally flood beam which will illuminate everything in front of you with a very wide angle. Being an underwater torch the XTAR WALRUS D08 is resistant up to a depth of 100 m, while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m in height. The dimensions of this torch are 150 mm in length, 57 mm in diameter of the head, 59 mm in diameter of the body and 56.5 mm in diameter of the tail, while the weight is 465 grams, excluding battery. The package is rich and complete and includes, in addition to the flashlight, also a charger, an adapter, a charging cable, a wrist lanyard, four 3500mAH 18650 batteries, a cloth for cleaning the glass and the user manual.

ANSI High Low SOS Red
Luminance 2000lm 900lm 500lm 180lm
Runtime 4.1hrs 8.16hrs 72hrs 12.2hrs
Beam Throw 40m
Max Intensity 395CD
Impact Resistant 1m
Waterproof Diving depth 100m
Size Φ57mm(head) x Φ59mm(body) x Φ56.5mm(Tail) x 150(length)
Net weight 465g (Battery excluded)