How to choose a headlamp? Purchase skills Guide

How to choose a headlamp? Purchase skills Guide

Headlamps are essential when we walk outdoors at night and set up camp. Wearing headlamps can free our hands to do more things. As one of the most important equipment for survival in the wild, how should we choose and buy headlamps? When choosing headlamps, we should pay attention to the height of the light, the weight of the headlamp, the duration of the headlamp, the charging time, and the waterproof performance of the head lamp. Let's learn about the knowledge of choosing headlamps.

I. how to choose a headlamp?

The choice of lamps and lanterns is a more troublesome problem, function, price, weight, volume, versatility and even appearance will affect your final decision, so from the most basic needs, how to choose specific lamps and lanterns at a specific time and in a specific environment.

1. Consider the purpose
a. If you do not walk at night, do not need to use it to search for water at night, just in the camp leisurely dinner and so on, you do not need to use too complex lamps, in this case, the simplest LED lamps are enough, long lighting time, economical use, convenient and compact enough, the most popular 25 5LED headlamp is a cheap choice. All kinds of ordinary small flashlights are also good (but sometimes it's better to DIY a small headband).
b. If you are often in the field, you may have to go to the mountain road in the rain in the middle of the night. In this case, you need an incandescent lamp with enough brightness. Better waterproof and reliability, more power saving, longer range is your priority to consider, in short, you need a lamp with better balance.
c. If you plan to do a long-distance donkey trip, then you need not only enough lighting time, but also the necessary lighting brightness. It may make you depressed to bring two different types of lamps with different batteries at the same time, so the dual-light source lamp is your best choice.

2. Consider the environment of use
In ordinary outdoor environment, the requirements for the particularity of lamps are not very high, but in some special environments, we must suit the remedy to the case.
a. Winter
Battery performance is greatly reduced at low temperatures. Unless you have the strength to carry enough spare batteries, the best choice in the northern winter or snowy mountain environment is a double-light headlamp with an external battery box. You must pay attention to the operation of the headlamp, which can be easily completed with thick gloves.
b. Diving
Submersible lamps emphasize absolute waterproofness and reliability, sufficient lighting time and high brightness requirements, preferably with spare bulbs that can be used immediately. The requirements for volume and weight are not very strict, and the use flexibility of hand-held lamps is better.
c. Explore the cave
The environment for exploring the cave is more dangerous. Running water and falling rocks require that the headlamp must have solid and waterproof characteristics. Of course, it should also be conveniently combined with the helmet. The calcium carbide lamp used for exploring the cave for a long time will not be used here for the time being. High brightness is necessary. In order to deal with the unimaginable dilemma caused by the sudden extinction of the bulb in the process, it is convenient to turn on the second light source in time. The dual-light source lamp is the most suitable. However, the range of LED is obviously not enough, so the dual-light bowl dual-Halogen bulb headlamp has a place to play.
d. Search
If it is used for outdoor rescue and search, there is no doubt that brightness and range are in the first place, so two sacrifices are usually made: sacrificing weight and volume; Or sacrifice the life of the bulb for brightness, sacrifice the duration of use for compact size.

II. Precautions for headlamp selection

1. Lighting brightness problem
Of course, the higher the brightness, the better, and the larger the illumination range, the better, but for the illumination distance, as long as more than 100 meters is enough, too far eyes can not see clearly (except for special purposes).

2. Headlamp weight problem
The weight of a single battery is not very obvious, but more than two lithium batteries, wearing for a long time, the head will feel heavy pressure, very uncomfortable, try to choose a single or additional battery pack.

3. The duration of headlamp lighting
Buyers who often buy headlamps know very well that they want to last as long as possible, not to charge frequently, and not to run out of power at critical moments. But the duration of the headlamp is limited, but it is enough to last for 8-10 hours, because the longer the duration, the brightness is not good, and the battery capacity will increase accordingly.

4. Charging time
If the capacity of the headlamp battery is increased without increasing the output current of the charger, the charging time will be doubled, so when choosing a high-capacity battery, we should choose a high-current charger.

5. Waterproof performance of headlamp
Ordinary are generally rainproof, if really diving, most of them are hanging, so when choosing and purchasing, we should know more about it and choose and purchase according to our own needs.

6. Headlamp elastic band problem
Like users who wear it on their heads every day, no matter how durable the material is, it will loosen, so you can buy one more when you buy it.

7. Headlamp close range problem
The headlamp illuminates the long distance to be also good, but the short distance could not stand, the spot of light is very disorderly and uneven, the eye has the black hole, as for this question besides can adjust the focal length the headlamp and adds on the PC to cover outside is does not have other means to solve, when the purchase thinks about you to need the request.

8. The problem of headlamp life
Some bought home less than 2 months or half a year to hang, a good headlamp, are guaranteed for 1 year or 2 years.
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