Small and Exquisite Camping Lamp, Brief Review of Olantern Mini

Small and Exquisite Camping Lamp, Brief Review of Olantern Mini

For those who often take part in outdoor camping, a camp lamp that can illuminate the whole tent and the surrounding environment is an indispensable equipment. Compared with the limitations and potential safety hazards of the bonfire, as well as the single direction of the flashlight. The 360-degree soft lighting without dead angle of the camp lamp can better meet the actual needs. As an internationally renowned lighting brand, OLIGHT has launched its first camp lamp Olantern. Now the Olantern mini has been launched, and compared with the Olantern, it is only palm-sized and more convenient to carry out.

Olantern mini packaging is still a long column gift box, but it is much smaller than olantern. After opening, it can be seen that the upper and lower layers are filled to protect the body from collision damage during transportation.

When opened for the first time, there will be a protective film filled with English on the lampshade, which means to unlock by pressing the switch for a long time. Although it is a MINI version, the accessories are still very rich. In addition to the Olantern Mini, it is also equipped with a wiping cloth and an MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable featuring olight. Friends who have used Olantern will find that, considering the size and positioning, the MINI version cancels the modular design of the lamp group, so it is not equipped with flame lamps like Olantern.

The size of Olantern MINI is very small, directly compared with Olantern, the overall height of Olantern is 99.35 mm, and the diameter of the base is 52.2 mm, which is more controllable than Olantem.

The Olantern MINI can be easily tucked into a bag. The weight of 239 grams is not a burden at all (in fact, Olantern is only 347 grams).

In terms of appearance, Olantern MINI and Olantern come down in one continuous line, with the same retro and simple style. The top cover and base of Olantern MINI are made of TPE soft rubber, which has good compression resistance and elastic touch. The blue ring used for decoration in the middle is made of aluminum alloy, and the collocation of different materials with color collision treatment greatly improves the appearance of the whole lamp and makes it feel comfortable.

Despite its lightness, the Olantern MINI has a durable and corrosion-resistant zinc alloy shell, including stainless steel handles, which makes it more delicate with its metallic texture. The first two colors are Obsidian Black and Bonfire Red, without Olantern's Forest Green, but with Olight's usual practice, there should be more colors in the future.

The waterproof grade of the whole machine is the same as that of Olantern, which is IPX4. It can withstand the wind and rain in the outdoor environment.

Like Olantern, the button in the center of the base has a breathing display, and the body has a built-in motion sensor. As long as there is shaking, the ring indicator on the edge of the button will light up in a breathing shape (there are three colors, of which the red light indicates that it is time to charge), which is easy to identify and find in the dark. Press the button to switch, press it for a long time to switch the gear cycle, and double-click it to switch to the red light mode. It is worth mentioning that the key is slightly concave, so that it will not be touched by mistake when it is placed in the backpack, of course, if you are still worried, you can lock it with one key. When unlocking, you just need to press it for a long time. In addition, the memory function is also there.

Olantern MINI version of the hand hanging still uses a circular semi-wrapped design, so that when not in use, it can naturally fit on the lampshade without appearing obtrusive. We can either carry it directly or hang it on a branch or a backpack hook.

Through the specification box on the top of Olantern MINI, we can see that it has a built-in 2000 mAh 26350 lithium battery (3.7 V). Although considering the factors of volume positioning, compared with the 7600 ma of "Big Sister" Lantern, it has shrunk a lot, but its endurance performance is still extraordinary.

In the center of the base of Olantern MINI is the MCC3 magnetic suction port, which is perfectly compatible with 1A/1.5A/2A. Charging is faster (it can be fully charged in about three and a half hours), and the maximum performance of 48 hours is enough to satisfy the sleepless nights of a whole week.

The lampshade is not removable, and the inner light is a threaded "tornado" design, but it feels like an hourglass. It can provide all-round illumination. There are three levels of white light (high 150LM/medium 50 LM/low 15 LM) and one set of red light (1 LM). The latter, in particular, is more romantic when it is placed on the table for candlelight dinner.

Olantern MINI vs. olight's Obulb mini magnetic bulb lamp: Compared to the warm yellow light of "Little Star", the olantern MINI is brighter in white light mode, but not dazzling.

The Olantern Mini is not an upgrade to the Olantern, but a more compact size and extended retro look that makes it lovable and easy to carry. The combination of white light and red light can meet most of the daily needs, whether as a camp lamp or emergency lighting, it is a good choice.
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