Fenix WH23R Industrial headlamp with inductive direct charge

Fenix WH23R Industrial headlamp with inductive direct charge

Lightweight design, no pressure to wear

The main feature of Fenix ​​​​WH23R is its lightweight. The total weight is only 114.1 grams. It will not feel bulky on your head when you wear it normally and will help you cope with everything easily

The color of the headlights is very attractive and the look is quite good. To meet the needs of a variety of use environments, PC material is preferred, with high strength, light weight, two-meter drop resistance and corrosion resistance, which can cope with various harsh environments.

The dual light layout on the front features two different emitters. The maximum lumens of the two lights can reach 600 lumens. One reflector has a similar orange peel treatment while the other is completely smooth and hand polished. mirror.

Just below the light cap of WH23R is a four-segment intelligent battery indicator. This design is very practical. When the headlight is off, short press the side electronic switch and the battery indicator will turn on. Understanding what level the battery is at is very simple, just a glance. This is very useful for understanding exactly how much the remaining autonomy of our light will be.

The two sides under the headlights are infrared sensor triggering and receiving devices, which can be used for gesture sensing and contactless control. Not only can the headlights be prevented from being dirty, but the headlights can also be turned on and turned off by waving hands, which is very convenient.

The rubber cap under the headlight is the Type-C direct charging port, which has a built-in 2000mAh large-capacity polymer lithium battery, which can be recharged and used more than 500 times, and can be fully charged in 1, 5 hours It can be recharged at any time, which is very convenient.

The headlight band is made of quick-drying elastic material, covered with small air holes, with excellent air permeability, moderate elasticity, comfortable to wear, and can reflect light in all directions. The Fenix LOGO is particularly eye-catching , which improves safety in dimly lit environments and is useful for being easily spotted.

There is also a non-slip silicone strip on the back of the headlight belt, which is of great benefit to the stability of the worn headlight. The headlight is still stable when running and jumping. In addition, as an industrial headlight, it is commonplace to wear it with a helmet. The headlight has a non-slip strip Let the headlight fit the helmet better, it will be even more stable and will not slip

Double LED emitter

The Fenix ​​​​WH23R has a dual lamp layout on the front, equipped with two Luminus LEDs, the maximum lumens of the dual lights can reach 600 lumens, and the maximum lighting distance can reach 100 meters. In order to achieve the effects of reflector and floodlight for the same lamp bead, the light cup is designed differently: one is a glossy surface with a mesh grid on the main bottom, and the other is a full mesh refractive grid. , so you can create spotlights and projectors.

Thanks to the dual emitter design, the spot beam allows you to light from a distance with a high brightness of the central spot while the flood beam is particularly wide and diffused to illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity. The spot beam has a maximum output of 300 lumens and the maximum illumination distance can reach 84 meters, which is very suitable for outdoor use.

The flood spot area is very large, very uniform, and the light is soft and not dazzling. The maximum lumens of the flood light source is 300 lumens, and the irradiation distance is 35 meters. It is very suitable for close-range and large-scale observation and operation, especially for indoor work or maintenance, which is an essential feature of industrial lighthouses.

To reach the total 600 lumens the two projectors can be turned on at the same time and can really get both far and wide light effects. The longest range can reach 100 meters and you can see things in front and both sides very clearly.

The WH23R headlight adopts a high-efficiency constant current regulation circuit, with constant brightness and no flicker, which ensures the visual comfort of the human eye. The eyes will not feel tired after looking for a long time, which is conducive to the protection of the view.

The most interesting and practical feature of WH23R is the sway sensor function. There are two sensors on the front of the headlight, and the sensing distance is about 10cm. This is very practical when it is inconvenient to manually press the switch or where the headlights have to be switched on and off frequently.

There is a blue sensor switch light on the left side of the light. After turning on, press and hold the right electronic switch, and the double lights will flash twice. At this time, the blue indicator light on the side will show blue. If you want to turn off the tracking function. Long press the electronic switch, the double lights will flash four times and the blue light will go out, which means the sensing function is off.

Combined lighting, easy to use

The Fenix ​​​​WH23R headlight adopts a side combination switch design. After using it for a period of time, the experience and control are very good. There are four raised anti-slip teeth on the surface of the rotary switch, which can be operated quickly especially when wearing gloves, which can make the headlight suitable for more scenarios of wearing gloves.

On the switch side is a push-fit electronic shifter switch. The button area is also large enough and can be precisely controlled even with gloves. The switch button is very clear. Press the electronic switch to adjust the three-level brightness of the spotlight and flood light sources, and turn on or off the hand-waving sensor function.

In addition, the WH23R spotlight has an intelligent output level memory function. The spotlight will intelligently and automatically memorize the levels of the two modes of spotlight and floodlight. Every time you flip the switch to adjust the spotlight and floodlight mode, it will automatically reset the brightness level before turning it off. At the same time, when the intelligent sensor function is turned on, the intelligent level memory function also works normally without being affected.

The Fenix ​​​​WH23R headlight has three modes: spotlight, floodlight and combined mode. The first turn of the knob is the spotlight mode, which will light up the memory location of the spotlight, press the electronic switch to cycle through the three brightness levels of 30 lumens-120 lumens-300 lumens, and see the comparison of the lighting effects of the three lighting levels.

Turn the knob to the second position to turn on the projector's memorized level, press the electronic switch and cycle through three brightness levels from 5 lumens to 70 lumens to 300 lumens.

Turn the knob to the third position to directly turn on the combined level of 300 lumen spotlight + 300 lumen floodlight, with a strong output of 600 lumens, and the irradiation distance can reach 100 meters.

Turning the knob turns on the spotlight - floodlight - combined ignition. The operating logic is simple and clear. See the comparison of the lighting effect of 300 lumen spotlight, 300 lumen spotlight and 600 lumen spotlight.

The WH23R owns two different emitters with 600 lumens at full power by combining two different beams. The lighting effect is quite good and it can observe things in a wide range within 100 meters. In addition, the headlight has intelligent temperature control. When high brightness is output for a long time, the brightness will be automatically adjusted according to the heating situation, which effectively improves the life of the LEDs.

The rear bracket of the lamp is also made of PC material, which has good stability. The illumination angle pitch of the lamp body is connected to the bracket by two toothed adjusters, and the angle can be adjusted in 12 steps to achieve a tilt angle variation from 0° to 60° to suit different lighting conditions Lighting angle requirements.

As a well-known portable lighting brand, FENIX lighting products are famous for their high quality and reliability. Similarly, WH23R also has good workmanship and safety guarantee. It has passed various safety certifications such as FCC and CE, and its quality is reliable.

As a professional light headlamp, Fenix WH23R industrial headlamp has the advantages of long battery life, sensor switch, long reach distance, dual beam, high reliability, etc., which can satisfy industrial maintenance, fishing and camping and the emergency rescue. It is an excellent floodlight that is worth recommending for rescue, outdoor hiking, power outage emergency and other scenarios.

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