SBT90.2 Collection and SBT90.2 flashlights comparison

SBT90.2 Collection and SBT90.2 flashlights comparison

In the ever-evolving world of flashlights, a breakthrough technology has emerged - the Luminus SBT90.2 LED. This remarkable LED has revolutionized the flashlight industry, delivering unprecedented brightness, efficiency, and throw capabilities. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of the Luminus SBT90.2 LED, exploring its unique features and potential applications. Additionally, we will take an in-depth look at the various flashlight models that harness the power of this extraordinary light source.

About the Luminus SBT90.2 LED

The Luminus SBT90.2 LED is the second-generation version of the SBT90 LED, also known as the SBT90 Gen 2. As a 3V LED, it can output over 5000 lumens, making it ideal for throwers. Despite its compact die size, the SBT90.2 LED offers an impressive throw capability, producing a well-focused and concentrated beam of light. Comparatively, the SBT90.2 LED outperforms the CREE XHP35 HI, emitting approximately twice the lumens, while offering about two-thirds of the candela of the Osram W2 but providing three times the lumens. To achieve a similar effect as a single SBT90.2 LED, one would require three or four Osram W2 or Luminus SFT40 LEDs.

The Versatility of the Luminus SBT90.2 LED: Illuminating Diverse Fields of Application

The Luminus SBT90.2 LED's remarkable characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of applications, where high brightness, efficiency, and precise illumination are essential. Below are the detailed fields of application for the Luminus SBT90.2 LED:

  • Search and Rescue Operations: The SBT90.2 LED's outstanding throw capabilities and high lumen output make it ideal for search and rescue missions, allowing rescuers to cover large areas with intense illumination.
  • Outdoor Exploration: For hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, flashlights equipped with the SBT90.2 LED provide powerful beams, illuminating the darkest trails and terrains during nighttime adventures.
  • Tactical and Military Use: The SBT90.2 LED's ability to deliver a strong, focused beam is invaluable in tactical and military scenarios, aiding in target acquisition, signaling, and disorientation of potential threats.
  • Law Enforcement: Law enforcement personnel can benefit from the SBT90.2 LED's potent illumination, enhancing visibility during nighttime operations and search operations.
  • Industrial Lighting: The SBT90.2 LED's high brightness and efficiency make it suitable for industrial lighting applications, providing well-distributed and intense illumination in warehouses, construction sites, and large indoor spaces.
  • Marine and Coast Guard: Flashlights with the SBT90.2 LED are valuable tools for marine and coast guard personnel, assisting in navigation, search operations, and signaling.
  • Automotive Headlights: The SBT90.2 LED can be utilized in high-performance automotive headlights, providing drivers with enhanced visibility and improved safety during night driving.
  • Film and Photography Lighting: For professional photographers and videographers, flashlights equipped with the SBT90.2 LED can serve as powerful and portable lighting sources, ensuring well-lit and high-quality images and videos.
  • Security and Surveillance: In security and surveillance applications, the SBT90.2 LED's long throw capabilities are advantageous for monitoring large areas from a distance.
  • Emergency Lighting: Flashlights featuring the SBT90.2 LED are invaluable in emergency situations, providing reliable illumination during power outages or natural disasters.
  • Caving and Spelunking: The SBT90.2 LED's intense beam can light up deep cave systems, helping cavers and spelunkers navigate challenging and dark underground environments.
  • Agriculture and Farming: The SBT90.2 LED can be utilized for agricultural purposes, such as nighttime farming activities, inspecting crops, and providing illumination in rural areas.
  • Construction and Engineering: In construction and engineering projects, flashlights with the SBT90.2 LED offer bright and focused lighting for accurate measurements and detailed work.
  • Recreational and Sporting Activities: The SBT90.2 LED is beneficial for various recreational activities, such as night fishing, hunting, and nighttime sports, providing ample light to enjoy these activities safely.
  • Personal and Everyday Use: While some SBT90.2 LED flashlights are designed for specialized applications, there are also compact models suitable for personal use, offering users a powerful and reliable source of light for everyday tasks.

The Luminus SBT90.2 LED's versatility, power, and efficiency have positioned it as a prominent light source across various industries and activities, enhancing illumination and contributing to safety and efficiency in countless applications.

Single-Cell Flashlights

These single-cell flashlights pack a powerful punch upon activation, but their turbo mode may only be sustainable for a few seconds, settling at around 500 to 1000 lumens after 10 minutes. To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to use high-drain cells.

Under 50mm Wide

  • Sky Lumen SL2c: This straight tube 18350 flashlight, with a width of 24mm, offers a throw of 369 meters. It may not supply the LED with many amps due to the 18350 cell, but it still manages to produce a listed output of 3900 lumens.
  • Sky Lumen XVII: Similar to the SL2c but with a longer 18650, providing a throw of 429 meters. A high-drain cell should give over 4000 lumens for a very short time.
  • Sky Lumen XXI: Sky Lumen sells a modded Convoy flashlight (likely the S21A) in a straight tube 21700 design, only 27mm wide, and yet still throws over half a kilometer.
  • Manker MC13 90.2: A limited edition version of the MC13, equipped with the powerful SBT90.2 LED, offers an incredible throw of 600 meters. The MC13 comes with a short tube for 18350 cells and a longer one for 18650, making it versatile and convenient for different usage scenarios.
  • Sky Lumen / Noctigon KR1vn: A Sky Lumen modification of the original KR1, with a 18650 cell (18350 body tube available too), offers a throw of 663 meters. It is highly praised for its ridiculous power and compact size, often featured on r/flashlight.
  • Lumintop FW21 X9L: This flashlight, still small at only 126g, features a throw of 810 meters and offers USB-C charging. It comes in a copper version, which adds to its appeal.
  • Amutorch XT45: The XT45 is probably the closest thing to a C8 style flashlight with an SBT90.2 LED. Rated highly in the 1lumen review, it offers a throw of 840 meters.

50mm and Wider

These larger flashlights offer greater throw capabilities, usually exceeding half a mile. They can sustain higher lumens for a longer duration than smaller options.

  • Manker U22 III: This flashlight uses a TIR optic instead of a reflector, and while the output may decrease quickly, it still boasts an impressive throw of 900 meters. It features USB-C charging and is slightly bigger than the MC12.
  • NlightD T90: With a throw of 910 meters, this flashlight offers remarkable performance.
  • Nightwatch Stalker NI40: A budget flashlight offering a throw of 938 meters, powered by a 26650 cell. Nightwatch is known for its quality and value, making this flashlight an attractive option.
  • Nightwatch NI03 Valkyrie: Similar to the NI40 above but with an e-switch, it takes a 26800 cell, which is not as common as other cell types. Nonetheless, it offers a throw of 1000 meters.
  • Wurkkos TS30S: As a great budget option with USB-C charging, this flashlight boasts a throw of 952 meters. It is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability and functionality.
  • Lumintop ODL20C V2: Lumintop has updated its XHP35 HI light with a bigger LED. Although the LED type is not explicitly mentioned, its specs are similar to the SBT90.2. Some listings call it a "GT90". This flashlight takes a single 26650 cell, has a side switch, and offers USB-C charging.
  • Amutorch XT60: This flashlight offers a throw of 1221 meters and comes with Amutorch's single 21700 host, providing an infinite variable brightness feature with its side switch.
  • Fireflies T9R: Firefles new "ice cream cone" flashlight comes with either the SBT90.2 or the Osram Boost HL or Boost HX LED. While the throw is not explicitly mentioned, this flashlight is designed to deliver exceptional performance.

Over 100mm Wide

These are the heavy hitters. The massive reflectors in these flashlights mean you probably won't be carrying them on a long hike, but they make excellent searchlights.

  • Thrunite TN42 v2: An update of Thrunite's original TN42, which threw 1550m with an XHP35. The TN42 v2 claims an output of 4848 lumens and a throw of 1860 meters, though it wouldn't be surprising if it hit over 5500 lumens.
  • Manker MK35 II: Offering a throw of 2000 meters, this flashlight uses four 18650 cells, with a 109mm head diameter, making it one of the smallest lights capable of throwing this far. Please note that it is much bigger than the original MK35, which was only 86mm in diameter.
  • Acebeam K75: This flashlight features a massive reflector that allows it to throw over 1.5 miles! With four 18650 cells, it provides impressive performance while still being relatively light compared to the GT90 and Astrolux MF02.

Multi-Cell Flashlights

These flashlights boast more than one high-drain cell, providing sufficient current to the SBT90.2 LED and offering better runtime.

Under 100mm Wide

  • Manker MK37: With three 18650 cells and a TIR optic, this flashlight offers a throw of 935 meters. It stands out for its unique design and compact size.
  • Acebeam K30-GT: Among user favorites, this flashlight utilizes three 18650 cells and offers an impressive 1024 meters of throw. Its carry handle ensures it can sustain 2000 lumens without overheating the hand.
  • Jinheng JKK36R: An unbranded flashlight with 3*18650 cells, built-in USB-C charging, and USB power bank functionality. Its specifications and throw capabilities are not clearly mentioned.
  • Amutorch XT65: A larger version of the single-cell XT60, the XT65 features two 21700 cells in series, resulting in more power and a throw of 1290 meters.
  • Manker Crown: The "digital zoom" feature of this flashlight allows for variable spot and flood lighting, using electrochromic glass to diffuse the light without any moving parts. While quite novel, this feature also contributes to its higher price tag. It operates with three 18650 cells.

100mm and Wider

These flashlights throw up to a mile and are considered "practical" for carrying in a jacket pocket or a small bag.

  • Manker MK35 II: Utilizes four 18650 cells, featuring a 109mm head diameter, and provides a throw of 2000 meters. It is an excellent option for those seeking portability without sacrificing performance.
  • Acebeam K75: A larger flashlight than the K30-GT but still practical, offering a throw of 2500 meters. Its ability to throw over such a vast distance is truly impressive and makes it an ideal choice for search and rescue operations.
  • Lumintop BLF GT90: An exceptional flashlight with a throw of 2720 meters, offering a staggering 4848 lumens. Its performance is enhanced further by a high-drain 8-cell setup.
  • Astrolux MF05: The undisputed heavy hitter, the MF05 throws an incredible 3162 meters, making it the flashlight with the most extended throw capability. While not practical for everyday carry, its impressive performance and searchlight capabilities are unmatched.

Multi-Cell, Multi-Emitters Lights

This category features flashlights with multiple SBT90.2 LEDs combined, resulting in increased lumens and a higher price range.

  • Haikelite HK90: This flashlight utilizes three SBT90.2 LEDs and three 21700 cells, boasting a staggering 18,000 lumens and a throw of 2000 meters. The HK90 is a powerhouse designed for extreme brightness and performance.
  • Lumintop GT94: Featuring four LEDs and 20,000 lumens, the GT94 requires eight cells to deliver its remarkable output. This flashlight offers exceptional performance and versatility.
  • Lumintop GT94X: Similar to the GT94, the GT94X features bigger 21700 cells, providing an impressive 24,000 lumens. Available with a 4 or 8-cell body, this flashlight is the epitome of power and performance.


The Luminus SBT90.2 LED has revolutionized the world of flashlights, providing unprecedented brightness, efficiency, and throw capabilities. From small hot rods to multi-cell, multi-emitter powerhouses, the SBT90.2 LED has been integrated into an array of flashlight designs, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking a compact EDC flashlight or a searchlight with unmatched throw capabilities, the SBT90.2 LED-equipped flashlights have something to offer. As technology continues to advance, we can only anticipate even more impressive innovations in the world of LED flashlights, further illuminating the path ahead.

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