The Best 18350 EDC flashlights

The Best 18350 EDC flashlights

It is a format that is often underestimated, it is a rechargeable lithium battery just half as long as the classic 18650 that we all know and is only a little bigger than the 16340. Its amperage is around 1000mAh-1200mAh. This is the lithium cell in the 18350 format. The lights that are powered by this cell can be very powerful in terms of output because this type of battery is capable of providing very high discharge currents, more than a 16340 and obviously lower than 18650 type cells. Obviously having a smaller size than a 18650 the amount of charge and therefore the cell capacity will certainly be lower, the torches made to accommodate this format are much smaller, much lighter and more suitable for everyday use . If you want an EDC light that can be both powerful and has a decent runtime then you definitely need to consider buying a light with this format.

There are many models on the market that use 18350 batteries as a power source. Some of the best ones will be listed in this article:

Armytek Elf C1 Micro USB: it is a small head torch that can be equipped with a warm light or cold light LED, ideal for use in nature or for night walks. This light is not a simple front light because it can also be used as an EDC torch for everyday use. At the tail it has a neodymium magnet that allows it to be attached to any magnetic surface both vertically and horizontally to direct the beam right where it is needed. It is equipped with a magnetic micro USB charging interface. The lens is frosted TIR and generates a uniform and clean diffused beam. The elastic band is comfortable even if you wear the flashlight for a long time and allows the flashlight to be clipped on and off in an instant. Very useful for any type of work around the house, in the car, on the boat and in the camper, this light will be your travel companion. The management of the interface is entrusted to a single switch present near the head and which has a small status LED inside to inform the user of the amount of residual charge in the cell. The maximum Turbo power is 1000 lumens while the maximum reachable distance is 103 meters. The exit angle of the beam is 120°, therefore a wide beam that allows you to well illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity in front of us. The power supply is guaranteed by a 18350 cell included in the package.

Speras M2R-35: this light, like the Armytek ELF C1, is also a front corner light that can be used as an EDC torch and is powered by a 18350 cell. The power of this light exceeds 1200 lumens and allows you to reach well 125 meters away. The Speras M2R-35 is equipped with a type-C charging interface that allows you to recharge the supplied 18350 battery. Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology ensures accurate power indication, low battery voltage, and reverse load protection. The body is made from high-strength aerospace aluminum with a premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish for extreme durability. The user interface has a lock function to lock the flashlight to ensure it does not turn on when not required. The user-friendly interface allows you to switch between modes very quickly.

Speras M4: This light uses a latest generation LED capable of delivering a light output of 1320 lumens and reaches 652m (2130ft). This EDC light features 7 different lighting modes, Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS modes, with impressive burn times (up to 220 hours in Eco mode). With its intuitive interface and last used memory function, this is an ideal flashlight for daily use, camping, fishing, night walking, trekking, etc. This light features a highly efficient, flicker-free circuit and a USB-C charging port with an intelligent power indicator system for optimal charging and power status indication. It is a very safe torch in fact it has reverse polarity protection to avoid damage to the circuit when the battery is not installed correctly, overcharge / discharge protection to extend battery life, and the lock function to avoid unwanted operations. The body is made of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum alloy with Type III hard anodizing for a durable, non-abrasive flashlight.

Niwalker ET Mini V2: this torch has a double head and is equipped with an OSRAM PUSRA1.PM(3W) LED and 3x OSRAM PUSRA1.PM(2W) LED with a maximum achievable power of 3050 lumens per Turbo and a maximum luminous intensity of 8380 candles. The management of the interface is managed entirely by a single lateral switch with a LED status indicator inside which informs the user about the state of progress of the charge and the residual capacity of the cell. To power the Niwalker ET Mini V2 it is possible to use a 18350 cell. A 900mAh Niwalker branded one is sold separately. The recharging of the battery is done by means of a type C recharging interface present near the head and well covered by a thick rubber cap. The user interface is simple and full of functions: in addition to smooth and ramping modes, timing mode, Flash alternative mode, Power monitoring, Firefly mode, Single or dual head mode are also available. The electronic lockout function is also available which prevents accidental switching on of the light and the memory mode which stores the last output level used. The tailcap is magnetic and allows the light to be attached to metal surfaces and thus allowing for hands-free use. The weight is about 107 grams without batteries while the dimensions are extremely small 46 x 26 x 71mm.

Sofirn IF19: it is a small EDC torch with great power in fact it is able to develop a maximum luminous flux of 2000 lumens thanks to the Luminus SST-40 LEDs with which it is equipped and to reach a maximum distance of 461 meters. The dimensions of this light are 85.1 mm (length) × 40 mm (head diameter) while the weight is 75 grams (without battery). The body is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and machined with CNC technology. The lens is a TIR and produces a well focused and very homogeneous and clean beam. There is the memorization of the last level used, the low voltage warning when the battery drops below 3.0V, and the Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) Technology: when the temperature rises (above 55 °C), IF19 is programmed to automatically reduce the brightness to avoid overheating. It is equipped with a Type-C fast charging port that allows you to recharge the 18350 cell in just an hour and a half.

Skilhunt H04 RC Mini: it is the smallest version of the H04 RC from which it differs essentially in the much smaller dimensions: the H04 RC Mini mini in fact uses a 18350 cell instead of the 18650 which is used in the H04. There are different models of this product which differ in the lens they have installed: there is the version with reflector corresponding to the H04R RC Mini model, the version with TIR diffusion lens corresponding to the H04 RC Mini model and the version with reflector and flap speaker corresponding to the H04F RC Mini model. Near the head there is the custom USB magnetic charging interface and the switch for managing the interface. The tail is flat therefore the light can be used in tailstanding and thanks to the presence of a magnet it can be attached to any metal surface. supplied with the light also comes a comfortable elastic band to use the flashlight as a front for night walks or jogging.

Thrunite T1S: it is a very small light to always keep in your pocket and always at hand, ideal for EDC and everyday use. Its dimensions are 69mm x 26.5mm x 22mm and its weight without battery is 41g. This light mounts a SST40 LED, a PMMA TIR lens and the maximum luminous power is 1212 lumens with 8460 candles and 184 meters of maximum reachable distance. The possible output levels are 6 including the firefly level of only 0.5 lumens and the Strobe. The water resistance is given according to the IPX-8 standard therefore submersible up to 2 meters deep while the impact resistance is 1.5 meters high.

Flashlights in the 18350 format are truly amazing. They manage to be small and powerful at the same time and also have decent runtimes. In my opinion, this format is ideal for an EDC flashlight because it manages to keep the light while maintaining the characteristics of compactness essential for an object intended for everyday use. A flashlight in the 18350 format is easily transported in a jeans pocket, inside a coat or in a pouch. Angular torches such as the Armytek Elf C1, the Skilhunt H04 RC Mini and the Speras M2R-35 are very comfortable for everyday use and having an angular design they can also be useful as front torches for short walks in the woods or to do jobs in the car and on the boat working hands-free or simply to illuminate the driveway when walking in the evening. On the other hand, lights such as the Sofirn IF19 or Niwalker ET Mini V2 are very powerful torches that allow you to illuminate very far away. The latter can also be used as backup torches.

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