The Best tactical penlight

The Best tactical penlight

Pens are tools that we all use every day, at home, in the office, in public offices. The torch manufacturers have therefore thought of exploiting the great utility of the pens and combining it with a lighting system consisting of flashlights, self-defense or emergency systems, or laser pointing systems to create a type of EDC product that can be useful on various occasions: this is how tactical pens were born. These tools, unlike common ballpoint pens, are entirely made of sturdy materials such as aluminum or titanium and in addition to being equipped with an ink cartridge that allows you to use them just like a normal pen, they have small lights powered by equally small batteries and in some cases they have small blades or spikes to be used as glass breaker or for personal defense. They are products that can be easily carried with you at all times, for example in a jacket pocket, trouser pocket, purse, car or they can be used during trekking excursions to take notes on places of interest on coordinates or to trace route on a map, but can also be used in tactical environments or as self-defense tools. Tactical flashlights often contain universal ink cartridges that can be easily replaced once they run out. This way the pen can be used forever.

Olight Open Pro: this tactical pen is an EDC tool that allows you to write thanks to an ink cartridge but at the same time is equipped with a green laser pointer and a flashlight. The maximum light output is 120 lumens and the minimum is only 4 lumens, while power is supplied by a 3.7V 110 mAh/407 mWh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-In) which guarantees a maximum runtime of 8 hours. The battery is recharged via a type-C charging port using the special cable supplied. The maximum distance reached by the light beam is 14 meters while its color temperature is around 3000K, therefore a warm light. The emitter is located on the belt clip therefore the pen can be inserted inside the jacket pocket using the clip which, remaining outside the pocket, allows you to use the light without using your hands. Interface management is entrusted to a single switch on the side of the pen body. This pen is also equipped with a small green laser which is very useful when you want to present through a pointer in office meetings.

Nextorch NP20: this product appears to be a very normal ink pen, ideal as a writing tool, but if necessary it can be useful in emergency situations as it is equipped with a powerful glass-breaking tip and is therefore ideal for all those situations in which it is You need to find an escape route, for example by breaking a car windshield or a bus window, or breaking a window pane. Unlike the model described above, this product is not equipped with a light but has only two functions: writing pen and glass-breaking tactical tip for emergency situations. The body of this tactical pen is entirely made with CNC technology and has a particular design that resembles the skeleton of a dinosaur. The glass breaker tip it has is made of tungsten steel with a hardness of up to 90 HRA. The ink cartridges are the famous German-made SCHMIDT Megaline P 950 M which guarantee a perfect writing experience thanks to its high smoothness and fluidity. Furthermore, these SCHMIDT cartridges have the characteristic of being sealed and pressurized so they can also be used upside down. This type of cartridge is also universal and easily purchasable and available in any shop: when the ink runs out, there will be no problems replacing or finding a replacement. The length of this pen is 148 mm / 58" while the weight is 30g / 1.06 oz (Ink refill included) so it is similar to the dimensions of the common pens that we all use on a daily basis. The Nextorch NP20 is a multifunction tactical pen to use not only in emergency situations but it is also a beautiful and elegant pen to use in the office or to always have with you in your jacket pocket.Its particular dinosaur skeleton design also makes it very nice to keep on your office desk.

Fenix ​​T6: it is a very robust and resistant aluminum tactical pen which, if necessary, becomes an indispensable EDC flashlight or even a tool to be used in emergency situations for self-defense or as a glass-breaking spike. The integrated flashlight inside the Fenix T6 produces a maximum output of 80 lumens with a total flood beam which can be useful in multiple scenarios, for example to light up the driveway or to illuminate the desk or to illuminate the house lock when in total darkness. The Fenix ​​​​T6 is equipped with a silicon nitride tactical tip that can be used as a glass breaker in an emergency, for example following a car or bus crash, but also for shattering glass doors or windows of houses. The ink pen contained within the body of the Fenix T6 is the classic Schmidt cartridge that is commonly found on sale in any shop. This type of cartridge provides perfect, fluid and effortless writing. In short, the T6 is a truly quality writing pen. The body of the torch is entirely made of A6061-T6 aluminum with a HAIII type hard anodized finish that can perfectly resist abrasion, corrosion and scratches. Inside the Fenix ​​T6 tactical pen, in addition to the Schmidt ink cartridge, there is a small 100 mAh rechargeable battery that guarantees a maximum autonomy of 26 hours using the flashlight on an output level of 1 lumen. The charging port is hidden inside the body of the pen, so to reveal it, simply unscrew the body of the head. It is a Type-C charging interface and for a complete charging cycle it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Under the TIR lens with which the T6 torch is equipped there is also a colored status LED which provides information on the battery charge status: with a simple click on the switch it lights up green or red and shows for three seconds which flashes the charge of the cell.

Wuben Gecko E61: it is a multifunction tactical pen with many interesting features: in fact, it can be used in different ways since it has various accessories. In fact, the package includes: a pen without ink, a stylus pen, 4 small spare ballpoint pens, a zirconium tip, a Micro USB cable for recharging and the user manual. This tactical pen therefore has different functions. The body of the Gecko E61 is made with a particular rotating design that allows you to position the light at an angle of 270 degrees with respect to the starting position. In this way the user can choose the position and inclination of the light he prefers, directing the beam of light exactly where it is needed. The body is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum, the anodizing is perfect as is the lettering. The light output on the maximum output level is 130 lumens while the lowest level has an output of only 3 lumens with a burn time of approximately 15 hours. The Gecko E61 light has 3 white LEDs and also two colored auxiliary LEDs (blue and red) while the optical lens is semi-transparent. It follows that the beam produced is totally diffused and allows you to illuminate a large area in the immediate vicinity of whoever is using it: very convenient for reading, for example. Among the various accessories that make up this model, it is possible to choose between a pen without ink, a classic ballpoint pen with ink, zirconium glass-breaking tip, and a pen for use with tablets and smartphones.

Wuben TP10: this tactical pen can be considered as a multifunctional tool for daily use and therefore as an EDC. In fact, the TP10 pen by Wuben is equipped with a classic ballpoint pen for writing, a glass-breaker tip for emergency situations and a torch with an output of 130 lumens inserted inside the cap. Its length is 154 mm while the diameter is 13.8 mm for a weight of 40 g including battery. The light of this tactical flashlight is powered by a 3.7V model 10180 lithium-ion rechargeable cell whose recharging is done via the micro USB charging interface incorporated in the body of the pen. The hard anodized finish of TP10 is waterproof and corrosion resistant, with impact resistance up to 2 meters high and lasting resistance to corrosion, scratches and wear. The TP10 is available for purchase in two different colors: black or bronze.

In the office, at home, at work, in the car… you always need a pen. But instead of having a simple pen with you, perhaps it would be much more useful to have a tactical pen with you. If you don't feel safe when you get home, a tactical pen in emergency situations could help. We have seen how tactical pens are not just simple pens but are equipped with sharp spikes that can be used for self-defense but also in emergency situations as a glass breaker. Most tactical pens have a rechargeable flashlight inside with a small built-in battery that is very useful in any situation. Tactical pens were born for use in tactical environments but are also perfect for EDC use.

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