The long range tactical hunting Cyansky flashlights

The long range tactical hunting Cyansky flashlights

Established in 2017 in China, Cyanskylight is an enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and sales, with mainly focusing on high-level LED flashlights, LED headlamps and accessories for hunting and shooting, tactical police law enforcement and self-defense, outdoor adventure, EDC and so on. The Cyansky team was born from a group of outdoor enthusiasts. Among the main features of Cyansky lights are the design that is always researched and studied in detail, the management of heat dissipation, and the construction of lights with the highest quality materials. All Cyansky flashlights and headlamps feature the best performance to size ratio, IPX8 waterproof, 2 meters impact resistance and -30~50 working temperature. Cyasnsky provides a 5 years warranty for all issued light gears. The usage scenarios of the Cyasnsky flashlights are different: Night hunting , For police law enforcement and personal tactical use. Hiking, camping, caving, cycling, climbing and industrial work and for EDC everyday use. There are many lights produced by this brand but in this article we will mainly focus on the long range ones for hunting or tactical use:

Cyansky K3-I8 850nm: It is a long range infrared flashlight specially designed for military, police and hunting uses. Equipped with 5000MW OSRAM IR LEDs, the handheld IR flashlight can reach a maximum beam distance of 350 meters with 5000mW output. The long range IR night vision flashlight is super multifunctional for military action, observation, police law enforcement and so on. The Cyansky K3-I8 comes with a metal clip, compact size holster and lanyard, and the optional pistol mount and remote switch, easy to carry every day. Power is supplied by a single 21700 cell or alternatively by a 18650 using a special reducer tube. It features a Type-C charging interface and is water resistant to IPX8 standard and shock resistant up to 2m in height.

Cyansky P25: It is a powerful but extremely compact linear tactical flashlight. It is equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 LED and is powered by a supplied 5000 mAh rechargeable 21700 cell. Its maximum output is 3000 lumens at Turbo with a maximum range of up to 192 meters / 629 feet. The Cyansky P25 features four brightness levels (30, 150, 500 and 3000 lumens) and a strobe mode (1600 lumens) and copes well with all weather conditions thanks to its IP68 waterproof rating and -30~50 operating temperature. . Its maximum runtime is 150 hours when turned on at the lowest output level. The main applications of this light are for tactical self-defense and police security, law enforcement, search and rescue, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Like the other lights produced by Cyansky, this one is also resistant to shocks up to 2 meters in height and the company's guarantee on this product is 5 years.

Cyansky H5GT: is a multifunctional long-throw flashlight equipped with a patented reflector that allows you to switch from one lighting mode to another with a simple twist. This flashlight is equipped with a wide and deep reflector that allows you to generate a highly directive beam of light capable of reaching very long distances. The Cyansky H5GT is equipped with a white light LED Luminus SFT 40 and a second colored auxiliary LED. The possible configurations are Bainco - Red, White - Green and White - Blue. The Cyansky H5GT is able to develop a Turbo for the 2000 lumen white light capable of reaching 1000 m of maximum reachable distance, and maximum luminous intensity equal to 250,000 candles. The particular rotating reflector allows you to use the different LEDs with which the torch is equipped. With each rotation the various LEDs align with the reflector. Therefore, when using the lamp, only one LED will be visible inside the dish. This guarantees high performance and perfect light reflection by the reflector as the LED will always be perfectly centered inside the reflector. The package is complete and includes, in addition to the flashlight, a BL215U 5000 mAh model 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery with Type-C charging interface included, a holster, a type-c charging cable, a lanyard, some or - spare ring and a spare switch rubber, a user manual and the warranty card.

Cyansky H3: is a multifunctional linear torch in the 21700 format and capable of delivering three different beams: one with white light and two with colored light (red and green). It is in fact equipped with an innovative patented system of internal filters which allows the color of the beam to be changed very quickly. In this way the light can become green, useful for hunting, or even red, ideal for not tiring the eyes in situations of total darkness. The flashlight is equipped with a CREE XHP35 HI LED with a small surface area therefore ideal for shooting, with a maximum output of 1300 lumens and a maximum reachable distance of 400 meters. The change of the color of the light takes place very quickly, in fact just rotate the head slightly to switch from the white light of the main LED to the red or green light. There's no need to disassemble the light or apply filters to the lens, it all happens automatically and instantly. The shock resistance is 2 meters high while the water resistance follows the IP68 standard (2 meters submersible). The working temperature is -30℃-50℃/-22°F-122°F. The dimensions are 41.4mm/1.63in*25.4mm/1in*165mm/6.49in, and the weight is 166g/5.85oz (without battery).

Cyansky H5: It is a 1600 lumen light capable of reaching long distances as a maximum range. It is in fact a real shooting torch designed exclusively for hunting and tactical operations. Among its main features there is also that of being a multifunctional torch capable of delivering a beam of different colors. Cyansky H5 is powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 cell for a maximum battery life of 60 hours of continuous use. The shock resistance is 2 meters high while the water resistance follows the IP68 standard (2 meters submersible). The working temperature is -30℃-50℃/-22°F-122°F. The dimensions. 64mm/2.52in*25.4mm/1in*182mm/7.16in and the weight 288g/10.16oz (without battery). In addition to the light, the package also includes a 5000mAh 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable battery with integrated type-c charging interface, nylon holster, type-c charging cable, spare o-ring and tailcap, lanyard, user manual multilingual and warranty card.

Cyansky K3 V2.0: it is a shooting torch with a maximum power of 2000 lumens and which can reach a distance of 700 meters when used at Turbo. It is equipped with a latest generation LED: the Luminus SFT-40. The reflector is deep and mirror polished and the LED is well centered in the center of it: this allows to obtain a narrow, well focused and very bright beam. The Cyansky K3 V2.0 can also be used as a glass breaker in case of emergency thanks to the zirconium beads it is equipped with. The flashlight can also be mounted on weapons using special mounts not supplied and also using remote tactical switches. The dimensions of the Cyansky K3 V2.0 are 1.57" * 1.00" * 6.05/40 * 25.4 *153.6 mm while the weight is 4.66 oz / 132.2 grams (battery and accessories excluded). The package of the Cyansky K3 V2.0 is complete and contains everything needed to use the flashlight right away: in fact, in addition to the flashlight, we have a rechargeable lithium-ion cell equipped with a 5000mAh model 21700 type-c charging interface, a nylon carrying holster, a type-c charging cable, a wrist lanyard, spare o-rings and spare rubber for the switch, multilingual user manual and warranty card.

Cyansky lights are quality products intended to last over time. In fact, they are made with quality materials that allow the light to withstand stress and the most extreme weather conditions. As we have seen, all Cyansky lights are water resistant according to the IP68 standard so they are also submersible for short periods of time without suffering any damage and are also resistant to falls up to 2 meters in height. Other torch manufacturers rarely guarantee impact resistance above 1m or 1.5m in height. In addition to this, Cyansky offers a 5-year guarantee on its products for any type of problem that may arise during their use.

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