The Magnetic Charging Flashlights from Skilhunt M series

The Magnetic Charging Flashlights from Skilhunt M series

The Skilhunt M series is a collection of EDC lights of different formats and powers characterized by the presence of an integrated magnetic charging system that allows you to charge the battery inside the torch without necessarily having to remove it. These lights have the characteristic of being particularly compact but at the same time they are extremely powerful and with complete and feature-rich user interfaces. The most powerful torch of the Skilhunt M-series is the M300 model with a maximum output of 2000 lumens while the M150 reaches a maximum output of 750 lumens. Between the two models is the M200 which, with its maximum 1400 lumens, is the perfect trade-off between compactness, lightness and power. Below we will see these 3 models in detail, listing their main characteristics and advantages.

Skilhunt M300 V2: it is the most powerful torch of the Skilhunt M-series designed for both daily use as an EDC torch and as a tactical torch for law enforcement or camping. It can be equipped with different LED emitters for example: CREE XHP50.3 HI Cool White 6500K or CREE XHP50.2 HD Neutral White 5000K or CREE XHP50.2 HD Ra90 High CRI 5000K or Nichia 144ART R9050 4500K LEDs. The max output for CREE HD NW is ANSI 3000 Lumens for CREE HI CW is ANSI 2700 Lumens, for CREE HD High CRI is ANSI 2200 Lumens and for Nichia High CRI is 1900 ANSI Lumens. The maximum output of this light is 3000 lumens at Turbo.
It uses a single extremely high-performance 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable cell that allows you to keep this light on for a long time. The Skilhunt M300 V2 flashlight features a magnetic charging interface that makes recharging the battery quick and easy. in fact, just use the special custom USB cable supplied, bring it close to the flashlight and you're done. Thanks to the magnets present, the cable will automatically position itself in the right position, allowing immediate recharging of the cell. The Skilhunt M300 V2 user interface features seven lighting levels allowing the user to choose the perfect light for any occasion. These output levels are divided as follows: we have two Low levels (L1 and L2), two Middle levels (M1 and M2), a High level H1 and two Turbo levels (T1 and T2). The maximum light intensity given off by this light when using the highest Turbo level is 12000 cd for the NW version, 20000 cd for the CW version, 10000 cd for the Ra90 version and 9500 cd for the 144ART version. The body of the Skilhunt M300 V2 is made of a special aeronautical aluminum alloy with type III hard anodizing which makes this light very resistant to shocks, scratches and bad weather.
The torch arrives in a small cardboard box where inside there is also a small stainless steel clip to attach the light to any garment, the magnetic charging cable, spare parts and the user manual. The body of the Skilhunt M300 V2 features a knurled finish which increases grip and improves grip in all conditions. The switch is on the side and is placed near the head of the torch: it is easily operated and identifiable in the dark even if you are wearing gloves. Inside the switch there is also a power indicator: in fact, every time the light is turned on, the status indicator will light up for 5 seconds to display the battery charge: if it lights up in constant blue, it means that the charge is than 80%, if it flashes blue it means that the charge is between 80% and 50%, if the light is steady red it means that the charge is between 50% and 20%, if instead flashing red means that the charge is less than 20%. The side switch also works as a position indicator - easy to find the light in the dark.

Skilhunt M200 V3: is the medium power torch of the Skilhunt M series. It is a cross between the powerful M300 V2 and the small and light M150V3. This light is primarily for everyday EDC use but is also fine for tactical, law enforcement and even outdoor use. This light can be equipped with different types of LEDs: in fact, the user can choose between the following emitters: CREE XP-L2 Cool White CCT 6500K, Nichia 519A Neutral White High CRI R9080 CCT 4500K, or Samsung LH351D Neutral White High CRI R9050 CCT 5000K. According to the chosen emitter, the output level will vary and therefore we will have: for the CREE CW LED 1400 Lumens, for the Nichia 519A 900 Lumens and for the Samsung LH351D 950 Lumens.
The maximum runtime of this light is a couple of months while when it is not used thanks to the very low self-discharge current the light will always be ready for use even after having left it unused with the battery inserted for a long time. The power supply of this light is supplied by a 18650 lithium ion cell not included in the package and alternatively it is also possible to use 2 CR123A type cells, in fact the operating range of this light varies from 2.7V to 8.4V. The switch is lateral near the head, it is electronic and easy to activate. Inside it has a small LED that provides information on the remaining capacity of the cell and on the charging status. In addition to this, the torch has protection against polarity reversal and Low Voltage Protection when using 18650 cells. The body of the torch is entirely made of aluminum and is resistant to shocks, scratches and bad weather. The flashlight comes with a stainless steel belt clip. The metal clip allows you to attach the flashlight to any garment very quickly.
The Skilhunt M200 V3 package is full of accessories: in fact, in addition to the M200 V3 torch, we also have a belt clip, a small wrist lanyard for transport, spare o-rings to be installed near the thread, and a cable custom USB charger from Skilhunt to charge the cell. The tail cap is magnetic therefore it is possible to use the light even without hands by simply attaching it to metal surfaces: for example if you have to work in your car you can attach the torch to the bonnet or to any other ferromagnetic surface.

Skilhunt M150 v3: it is the smallest of the Skilhunt "M" series It is characterized by an extremely small size and very low weight. This means that this light is very convenient as an EDC light to always be kept close at hand. inside a pouch it will be like not having it. Even in the pocket it is comfortable to keep since it is just over 8 cm long. This light can be equipped with different LEDs: CREE XP-L2 Cool White CCT 6500K, or Samsung LH351D Neutral White High CRI R9050 CCT 5000K. The Skilhunt M150 v3 is powered by one 14500 cell or alternatively you can use classic 1.5V alkaline AA primary cells or 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeables. Obviously, the outputs, the maximum distance that can be reached and the runtimes will vary based on the power supply used.
The maximum distance this light can reach is 110m using a 14500 cell or 61m using a Ni-MH cell. Its maximum luminous intensity is 3000 candelas when using a 14500 cell or 900 candelas when using a Ni-MH cell. The beam produced is wide but has a very bright spot. The water resistance is given by the IPX-8 standard while the drop resistance is 1 meter high. The user interface features an electronic lockout function that allows the interface to be clicked electronically: in this way the light can be safely transported inside a backpack without the danger of accidental switching on. There is also the location indicator via the status LED under the switch and the Low Voltage Indicator function which informs the user when it is time to recharge the battery.

The Skilhunt M-series are lights that have evolved over the years. They are perfect EDC flashlights for everyday use. For the M150 and M200 it is possible to use as a power source not only lithium ion rechargeable cells but also primary cells that can be easily recovered in any shop. All have the same type of switch with internal status LED, the same charging interface and the very comfortable magnetic tailcap that allows you to use the cells attached to any ferromagnetic surface. It is also very interesting that the user can equip these lights with different types of LEDs and therefore choose between a cold tint ideal for urban environments, neutral ideal for outdoor walks and High CRI for perfect color rendering of the colors .

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