The most powerful LEP Flashlights in the world

The most powerful LEP Flashlights in the world

For those who still don't know, LEP technology allows the generation of a beam of white light improperly defined as a white laser beam. In reality it is not a real white laser beam (which alas does not yet exist) but, to explain it in simple terms, the LEP technology (acronym for Laser Excited Phosphor) exploits laser beams which, hitting materials such as phosphorus, produce a resulting white which is focused through a convex lens: the result is an extremely focused, directional beam with almost no spill. This also explains how with only a few lumens it is possible to reach extremely long distances: all the power is concentrated on the beam without any lateral loss on the spill. It follows that torches that use this technology are able to produce beams of white light that reach really far. The field of application for this type of light is very specific and ranges from search and rescue to hunting or tactical applications. Over the last few years there have been many torch companies that have started developing models with this technology and as often happens there is a competition to see who can get the furthest. In this article we will consider the most powerful torch models that use LEP technology. We will therefore analyze lights that easily exceed the range of 1 km or 2 km, even reaching over 3000 m.

Maxtoch Xsword L3K: this light with a maximum luminous power of 650 lumens is able to reach the maximum beam distance of 3000 m equal to a maximum luminous intensity of 2.250.000 candles or 2.25 Mcd. The user interface has 3 possible output levels: high, medium and low. Six maximum output is 650 lumens and power is supplied by two 21700 cells in series

Weltool W4: With its maximum output of 560 lumens this torch is able to reach a maximum range of 2670 m equal to 1.65 miles with a maximum beam intensity of 1,782,000 candles. The user interface has two output levels, a high one of 560 lumens and 2670 m of maximum reachable distance and a low one of 187 lumens with 1553 m of maximum reachable distance. Power is supplied by a single 21,700 cell included in the package or by using an 18,650 cell with a suitable adapter. The laser of this torch is of the 3B type and has a power between 0.22 and 0.25 watts.

Maxtoch LA60: This flashlight is the first zoomed lep focusable lep technology flashlight. The maximum distance that can be reached is 2.5 km while the maximum luminous intensity of the beam is 1,562,000 candles. The user interface has three output modes, one high, one medium, one low. The beam of this light is skilfully focused simply by moving the third light forward or backward, therefore it is possible to switch from a completely directive beam which reaches very high distances to a completely diffusive beam to illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity.

Astrolux WP3 / Mateminco FW1: This light is capable of reaching a maximum distance of 2.9 km with a maximum beam intensity of 2,180,000 candles. The user interface has three output modes, namely low, high and turbo. The maximum power is 562 lumens and power is supplied by a 26650 type cell or a 21700 cell (included in the package) with adapter.


Maxtoch Xsword L2K: Unlike its older sister L3K which reaches 3000m this light is only able to reach 2700m equal to 1.67 miles. The maximum light intensity is 1,782,000 candelas and the maximum output is 450 lumens. The user interface has three different output modes: a high level, a medium level, a low level. The power supply is given by two 21.700 cells in series or in the short version by two 20.350 cells in series.

Weltool W4 PRO: flashlight capable of reaching 3712 yards with an output of 568 lumens with a maximum light intensity of 2882000 candles. The user interface features two constant light levels plus a hidden strobe level. This flashlight is also equipped with a 21,700 Li-ion battery.

Maxtoch Owleyes W PRO: this light is composed of two different heads with LED technology. It has a maximum output of 1200 lumens and a maximum reachable distance of 4000m equal to 2.45 miles. The maximum light intensity is 4,000,000 candles equal to 4Mcd. The user interface has three output modes: low, medium and high. Power is supplied by two 21,700 cells in series.

Fenix HT30R: compared to the lights seen above, this torch has a slightly lower power in fact it is able to generate an output of 500 lumens and only reach a distance of 1200 m with a maximum light intensity of 600,000 candles. This light is powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 cell included in the package.

Welttool W3 PRO: this light is extremely compact and able to reach 1205 m with 505 lumens of maximum light output and 363,375 candles. The Dante interface has two modes of use, i.e. it provides a high light level of 505 lumens and a low light level of 102 lumens. This light is also powered with a single 21700 cell included in the package.

Lumintop Thor II: this flashlight is capable of 1800m max distance with 769,500 candela using a single 18,350 cell. Alternatively you can also use an 18650 cell with an optional adapter.

Lumintop Thor Pro: multifunctional torch capable of generating a totally directive beam thanks to LEP technology and a diffused beam thanks to the presence of a series of LEDs. With a maximum output of 12600 lumens and a maximum reachable distance of 1300 meters this light can come in handy in different scenarios. It is equipped with a TypeC charging port and is powered by 4 18650 cells in parallel with each other. Its dimensions are 153 mm x 51 mm while the weight is 628 g excluding battery.

Acebeam W30: LEP long range flashlight with an incredibly narrow hotspot but with an extremely long beam at 2,400m, the light intensity reaches 1,450,000 candelas and the luminous flux is 500 lumens. It is powered by a battery equipped with a 21700 USB port (and compatible with 18650 cells using appropriate adapters) and uses a custom LEP emitter.

Acebeam W50: This particular LEP light adopts the world's most sophisticated blue laser to stimulate yellow phosphor to form a highly concentrated clean white beam. This light has a maximum output of 1200 lumens and reaches 3985 meters equal to a maximum luminous intensity of 3970000 candles. It is powered by 8 18650 cells included in the package and is equipped with a practical carrying handle with integrated fan for active heat dissipation.

Acebeam W10 GEN II: 450 lumens of maximum light output for a beam capable of reaching 1217 meters with 370,000 candelas of maximum light intensity. Powered by a 21700 cell, its beam has an angle of 3.1°. This light features Type-C charging interface and also has an LED status indicator that informs the user about the remaining cell capacity. Power is supplied by a 5100mAh 21700 cell supplied (model IMR21700NP-510A) capable of guaranteeing a maximum runtime of 3.30 minutes.

LEP technology is revolutionizing the world of flashlights. It is amazing how with relatively low outputs it is possible to obtain beams of light that reach exceptional distances. Being able to have such powerful and directive beams of light with just a few lumens was unthinkable until a few years ago. The nice thing about these lights is that the beam is extremely focused and there is no pin around the beam hotspot. In this way there is no lateral light dispersion: all is concentrated within the beam. As you can imagine these lights are ideal for tactical applications, hunting or for search and rescue while they are not indicated for everyday use or for example for trekking: if you were to find yourself in the woods with one of these lights in total darkness you would probably have serious difficulty walking. In fact, the beam of light is so concentrated that only the part struck by the light is illuminated, there is no dispersion of the beam, there is no spill or crown of light which allows the walking surface to be illuminated when, for example, the light is held in the hand parallel to the ground. It follows that walking with an LEP in hand could be rather uncomfortable. The LEP torches, on the other hand, are perfect torches, for example for hunting where it is necessary to be able to illuminate from a great distance. Obviously illuminating at 1000-2000m it is necessary to use binoculars to see what is being illuminated.

Surely in the next few years LEP technology will develop further and maybe LEP torches of 10,000 or 20,000 lumens will be produced with who knows what maximum range: I imagine that the day when an electric light with a range of 10km is not far away.

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