The Powerful Monster Flashlight in the world

The Powerful Monster Flashlight in the world

If you want to amaze a friend, then you should consider buying a Monster Light. What is a Monster Light? The word itself says so. It is a monstrous torch, extremely powerful, able to amaze anyone with its power when it is turned on. This type of light allows when turned on at maximum power to generate a beam of light so powerful and so blinding that it can reach very long distances even 1 km or more. but these lights obviously aren't just for impressing friends. They are usually very expensive and heavy torches to be used in tactics or for search and rescue operations. The luminous powers of these types of light often exceed 50,000 lumens and this requires that these lights are equipped with large and performing battery packs consisting of 4 or more cells of the 21700 or 18650 type placed in series or in parallel. The batteries used in these lights must obviously be of the highest quality, they must have a very high discharge current and usually it is necessary that they are unprotected cells to ensure correct operation at maximum power. Having unprotected cells on such a powerful flashlight provides for an optimal current management system: in fact, these lights have drivers that allow you to adjust the brightness of the light based on the surrounding conditions or if the temperature of the flashlight rises too much and therefore allow you to protect the parts and precisely the batteries themselves from possible overheating which could otherwise cause major problems. To overcome overheating problems, many companies are equipping their monster flashlights with heat dissipation systems that allow the heat produced by the LEDs to be effectively dispersed with special dissipation fins, integrated fans and handles with fans.

Acebeam X80 GT2: is a powerful high performance flashlight equipped with 18 CREE XHP50.3 LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours with Max 34,000 lumen output using 4 Acebeam High Drain 18650 3100 mAh rechargeable batteries. Its maximum autonomy is 34 hours on the lowest output level while the maximum range of the beam is 498 meters. The X80 GT2 is the toughest flashlight ever produced by Acebeam, able to survive accidental submersion to extreme depths of up to 30 meters! However, it is not a diving flashlight and should not be turned on or off underwater. Aviation aluminum body construction with premium Type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish and Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflection coating, achieving excellent light transmission by 98.3%. The barrel features tactical knurling for a firm grip and an aerodynamic body design. The dimensions are 17.7 mm (length) x 65 mm (head diameter) x 49 mm (tube diameter) while the weight is 330 g without battery. 

Imalent MS08: barrel flashlight with maximum power of 34000 lumens delivered by 8 XHP 70.2 LEDs. This light is powered by 4 Li-ion rechargeable 21700 cells and when turned on at the highest output level it allows you to reach a distance of 738 meters. Obviously, when used at its maximum, the temperature of the torch rises dramatically, therefore Imalent has equipped this light with a heat dissipating shell which helps in the dissipation of the heat produced and makes its use more comfortable for the user. The dissipating thermal shell is made of impact and heat resistant plastic material and is composed of a series of slits that allow air to circulate freely for cooling the torch. In addition to this, the heat shield has two fans inside which push the air forcefully towards the head of the torch and make it come out on the opposite side: in this way fresh air enters from one side of the shell and from the other side the hot air comes out. In this way the flashlight is able to maintain the highest outputs for much longer. The power supply of the fans is separate from the power supply of the light: in fact, the shell has a dedicated battery inside and a switch that allows the activation and deactivation of the fans. If necessary, the shell can also be disassembled from the body of the torch, just unscrew a small screw and remove it.

Acebeam X50 2.0: it is a powerful projector capable of delivering 45,000 lumens at the Turbo. Made entirely of A6061-T & Aerospace aluminum alloy and rated as water resistant to IP68 standard, Acebeam X50 v2.0 is resistant to bumps, drops and scratches and can be safely submerged up to 2 meters deep, while still not being considered as a diving torch. The Acebeam X50 v2.0 is the size of a normal can of coke when without the handle, it is particularly compact in relation to its immense power. On the side it has a standard ¼ thread for use on a tripod for example. Acebeam X50 v2.0 is powered by a three cell 21700 4250mAh battery pack. It can be charged using the Type-C port on the flashlight and is compatible with 60W USB-C PD. The USB-C interface of the flashlight is bi-directional so the Acebeam X50 v2.0 can also be used effectively as a power bank for recharging any USB device. The optical part is composed of 8 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs. The user interface is managed entirely by a single switch equipped with a mechanical lock to avoid accidental activations. Use and access to the various levels is simple and intuitive.

Acebeam X75: this light has a maximum output of 80000 lumens at Turbo and reaches a maximum distance of 1150 meters. The active heat dissipation system it is equipped with is composed of a large internal fan placed under the head that pushes the air forcefully with a copper radiator. The fan is activated automatically when the light is turned on at high output levels or when the temperature exceeds the critical threshold temperature. It is also possible to activate the fan manually and leave the fan on even when the light is off. Included with this torch also comes a silicone cover which, once installed on the head, changes color as the temperature of the torch body grows. In this way the user can understand what level of heat the torch has reached.

Imalent MS12 mini: flashlight characterized by extreme power and incredible compactness. In fact, it is able to generate a very powerful light beam of 65,000 lumens which reaches a maximum distance of 1036 meters. But its dimensions are extremely compact, slightly larger than a can of coke. Indeed, the length is

149 mm, while the diameter of the head is 83 mm, the weight including battery (4000mAh 21700 battery pack) is 787 grams. The Imalent MS12 Mini is equipped with 12 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd(3nd) LEDs and an aluminum multi dish. Like all Imalent, it has a proprietary integrated charging system via the custom USB cable supplied. The dissipation of the heat produced by the LED takes place via two fans placed near the head which are activated when the heat of the light reaches critical temperatures or which alternatively can be activated manually by the user if necessary even with the light off. The output levels are many and well spaced and range from the Turbo of 65,000 lumens to the lowest level of 1500 lumens. The user interface also features an electronic lock to prevent accidental ignition, temperature control and also provides a stroboscopic flashing level to be used in emergency situations or for signaling.

Imalent MS18: it is the most powerful torch in the world with its 100,000 lumens and its maximum range of 1350 meters. This light has incredible power therefore in order to help heat dissipation Imalent has added two fans placed under the head to this light which push the air forcefully towards a built-in heat pipe radiator. The power supply of this light is guaranteed by a large 92.2W 3.6V battery pack composed of 8 21700 cells. This flashlight is very large in fact its dimensions are 265mm(length)*129mm(head diameter)*59mm(body diameter) and the weight is 1900g(battery included).

Imalent MS18W: it is identical to the Imalent MS18 described above with a single difference: the LEDs with which it is equipped have a color temperature of approximately 5000K therefore they produce a Neutral White light while the MS18 has LEDs with a color temperature of approximately 6000K therefore with a cool tint. This under head light also has a complex cooling system with copper radiator and fans.

Imalent MR90: Multifunctional torch capable of generating two completely different light beams: one completely spot to reach great distances (1586 meters) and one completely flood to illuminate everything in the immediate vicinity. The maximum output of this light is 50000 lumens when used in Turbo mode. It is powered by a battery pack made up of 4 high-performance 21700 cells. The dissipation system, as for other Imalent torches, is made by two small fans set under the head of the light which are activated automatically when the temperature starts to grow too much. In this way the electronic components, batteries and LEDs are not damaged by excessive overheating. In addition to active heat dissipation, this light, as well as all the other torches seen in this article, has an electronic temperature control system that decreases the light output if the ventilation system fails to keep the torch body cool.

Monster lights are really extremely powerful torches but at the same time they are very heavy and bulky torches. However, if you are looking for a light that allows you to illuminate as well as a stadium spotlight, then you should opt for the purchase of one of the lights described in this article. It is incredible to be able to have a light that can fit into a backpack and that allows you to illuminate an entire football field with a click. Of course, these lights are not cheap at all, their price almost always exceeds 300-400 dollars and in some cases even reaches 700-800 dollars for the most powerful and latest generation models. monster lights are torches that will amaze you every time you turn them on.

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