Acebeam Release Pokelit Lightweight & Compact EDC AA Flashlight

Acebeam Release Pokelit Lightweight & Compact EDC AA Flashlight

This model from Acebeam offers an impressive output of up to 1000 lumens (beam distance of 105 metres), and another 2 levels at a lower rating.

One major feature of the Pokelit is the ability to use 2 different power sources, the included 14500 high grade rechargelable Li-ion cell (with a built in type C port), or normal AA cells (1.5V) alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable ones.

Using this battery size, also helps keep the size and weight down, the Pokelit AA Grey is just 94.8mm x 18.2mm x 17.8mm (3.73” x 0.71” x 0.7”), and is 54.6g (1.92oz) without a battery.

It might be a small flashlight, yet it is also very well protected against water and dust, with a rating of IP68 it can be submersed into water for 2 metres depth.

This pocket friendly model keeps the bulk right down into a very small form factor which is easy to carry, yet capable of a very impressive output.

1000 lumens output with a range of 105 metres

The cool white LED (6500K) on the Pokelit is capable of a blistering 1000 lumens in power output (with the included 14500 battery).

A specially designed reflector which Acbeam have optimized for a smooth and even beam pattern, is able to reach as far as 105 metres, for such a small flashlight the Pokelit will surprise you with it’s capabilities.

The highest 1000 lumens is followed by a medium level of 330 lumens, and a low level of 5 lumens  (well suited for up close inspections or use). The maximum run time is a very healthy 58 hours (low 5lm). Of course like most good quality flashlights, the Pokelit has a mode memory and will return to the last used setting when turned on.

A new scratch resistant coating on the optical lens prevents marks and damage.

14500 Battery with built in type C charging port, single Tail switch

By integrating the charging port into the battery, keeps the body design more resistant to water (no port cover to damage or lose). Simply remove the cell and recharge it with the supplied cable, the battery has a protection circuit built into it, so it cannot be over charged or shorted out, and will stop charging automatically when full. An LED indicator on the cell top shows when it is charging and when it is finished.

An ASD-01 Diffuser cap can also be fitted (an optional purchase). These 2 caps come in white and orange and can help convert the flashlight into a very smooth diffused beam, similar to a camping light. This makes it useful for signalling, reading, camping, or an emergency light.

A dual stainless steeel pocket clip can attach to a bag/pocket or hat strap.

Operation is easy via the well placed tail switch which is very easy to feel by touch alone. And a secure grip on the body thanks to the knurling pattern Acebeam have used.

A high quality aluminum body with strong water resistance to 2 metres submersion (IP68).It’s a powerful pocket companion for a small and light EDC carry.

Acebeam Pokelit Key Features

> 3 Power levels with up to 1000 lumens output (range of 105 metres)
Dual power options: Rechargeable 14500 battery (supplied) or AA cells (alkaline or Ni-MH)
Ultra compact size:  94.8mm x 18.2mm x 17.8mm (3.73” x 0.71” x 0.7”), and is 54.6g (1.92oz) no battery
Run time up to 58 hours (low 5 lumens)
14500 battery has type C charging port and charge indicator (cable supplied)
Special optical lens with anti scratch coating
> Compatible with  ASD-01 Diffuser caps (White/Orange) not supplied add on purchase
Tail switch with mode memory and stainless steel double clip
> High quality aluminum body with anti slip knurling pattern
IP68 weather resistance, can be submersed in water up to 2 metres

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