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Acebeam W35 LC DEL 2600 metres Zoom LEP Flashlight

Boasting a staggering 2600 metres range the W35 LC DEL is a very unusual LEP flashlight, because it features a new zoom mechanism which lets users pick the level of spot and flood from the light.

The zoom action is controlled electronically by a switch on the flashlight, giving multiple positions for the type of beam you require.

At the highest spotlight position the LEP flashlight has a massive range of 2600 metres (800 lumens), with the highest floodlight setting has a much wider beam with a range of 131 metres (570 lumens output). It can also go down a lot of 60 or 80 lumens (flood/spot lowest settings) and has a strobe mode.

Power is by a high quality 21700 Li-ion battery, which is rechargeable via the tail cap USB-C connection for quick charging of the battery. It also has a built in LED charging indicator light.

Acebeam have their usual high quality build, with premium aluminum alloy body materials, with type III hard coating to prevent marks and scratches, and it has a stainless steel crenulated bezel for self defence or emergency glass breaking.

It’s rated to IP68 for superior dust and water resistance, with 2 metres water submersion, and drop tested to 1.5 metres.

The body is still quite a modest size for the powerful output it’s capable of, with a footprint of 189.9mm x 60mm x 30mm (length x head x body diameter). Weight is 327.4g (with the battery)

LC Diffractive Electro Optic Lens for Superior Performance, with choice of Spot or Flood Zoom

Acebeam have designed a new planar electro optical system for the lens, this gives the control over the spread of light from the LEP, with a tighter spotlight able to reach longer distances (2600 metres at the narrowest setting), or using the widest option get a more floodlight type beam. This new lens system also improves the light transmission and optical quality of the light, with it’s electronic control users can switch between settings quickly.

UI is important for any flashlight, and here Acebeam have a tail switch for controlling the main power, and two larger main switches on the flashlight body. The first controls the zoom, and the second is the output control which lets you cycle the levels from low, medium, high and with a shortcut to the Turbo output. Triple press lets you go to the strobe mode.

It’s a simple and easy to control flashlight, with all the controls easily at hand.

Acebeam W35 LC DEL: Key Features

  • Ultra long range 2600 metres LEP flashlight, with 4 power levels and strobe
  • Electronic Zoom control on beam, unlike most LEP models the W35 LC DEL lets you pick a range of beams from a tight spotlight, down to a wider angle floodlight
  • Power via 1 x 21700 Li-ion battery, with USB-C charging port on tail cap for rapid charging
  • New Liquid Crystal Diffractive Electro-optic Lens (LC DEL), change zoom without any size change in the flashlight
  • IP68 Weather resistance, 2 metres submersible, impact tested to 1.5 metres
  • Intuitive UI with tail cap switch and dual body switches for power and zoom control
  • Ergonomic grip with head grooves for improved heat transmission
  • LED charging indicator
  • Size:  189.9mm x 60mm x 30mm (length x head x body diameter). Weight is 327.4g
  • Reverse polarity protection and over charge/discharge protection
  • Aluminium alloy body with stainless steel strike bezel
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