All-New 9050 Lantern Is The Next Generation Of Pelican High Performance Lighting

All-New 9050 Lantern Is The Next Generation Of Pelican High Performance Lighting

A poweful flashlight that is all business and no play, the powerful Pelican 9050 Lantern is an ideal companion for tactical, industrial andfirst responders uses.

The first professional lantern that is powered by 2 battery types is the Pelican 9050 Lantern. Not only the Pelican 9050 is built like a tank, with a body and a shroud made of ABS, lens made of Polycarbonate, but is capable of a max output of 3369 lumens, and a max throw of 489 meters.
If all this wasn't enough, the Pelican 9050 has both a flood beam and a throw beam, so you can choose the beam that better fits your situation. Need the best of both worlds? With the 9050 you have it, since you can combine both the flood and the throw beam when you choose to.

The powerful light of the Pelican 9050 will be there for you, especially where you mostly need it, thanks to the tiltable head part, you can use the 9050 as a regular handheld flashlight, or stand it on its back and orient the head to send light only where you need it.

The Pelican 9050 has plenty of output and runtime at all modes: Spot hi – 2623 lumens, Spot low – 354 lumens, Flood high – 1119 lumens, Flood low – 291 lumens, Spot + Flood high – 3369 lumens, Spot + Flood low – 301 lumens

If you are in a emergency situation, the 9050 will have your back, thanks to the flashing modes and the adjustable colors of the LEDs in the back (green, red blue) activated by a separate switch.
Power the Pelican 9050 with AA batteries, either Nimh rechargeable ones or alkaline ones, or use the lithium ion batterry pack that can easily be charged with the charging base in under 6 hours, for a max runtime of 13.5 hours. But the freedom that the 9050 gives you doesn't end here, since you can power it by 1,2,3, or 4 Pelican rechargeable lithium ion battery packs, or 4/8/12 or 16 AA batteries.

The battery status will be indicated by a separate switch, and make sure you always know how is the charge of your Pelican 9050.Thanks to the big protruding switches, the Pelican 9050 is glove friendly.

Easily seen thanks to its bright yellow color, the Pelican 9050 is ideal for police, military, offshorte, industrial and first intervention personnel. With you even in the most dire situations, thanks to the IP67 rating, its 3369 lumens, its sturdy construction and a wide and stable base.
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