All-New Astrolux BC6 2000Lm Super Bright Bike Headlight

All-New Astrolux BC6 2000Lm Super Bright Bike Headlight

Another affordable yet capable bike light from Astrolux. This model the BC6 features an array of 6 LEDs with an impressive 2000 lumens top output, capable of reaching up to 300 metres distance.

It also has a large capacity battery built in (4800mAh), type C charging port with quick charging time (2 hours), and a compact yet rugged design. It can also be used as a power bank.

There are 5 modes in total, with 3 power levels, and a Strobe/SOS.With a top mounted switch for quick operation.Body material is surprisingly premium for the affordable price point of the BC6, it’s a durable full aluminum body shell which has also had heat treatment for additional hardness.

The Astrolux is also rated to IPX6 water resistance, and can be used in all weather conditions even hard rain/storms.Size is quote small for a bike light at 80mm x 80mm x 50mm, and with a weight of 250g.

300 metres range with 5 modes including 3 power levels

The impressive range on this BC6 is made possible thanks to the 6 LED’s, and at 2000 lumens it’s more than powerful enough to light light up the wider area and into the distance. There are 3 levels in total, and 2 special modes with a Strobe and SOS.

You have a good variety of modes to suit all types of use, and run times can be up to 12 hours at the lowest power level.

The built in battery of 4800mAh is recharged via the USB C port, it can be fully charged in just 2 hours. Another useful feature is the build in power bank function, just plug in a phone or other device to give you a useful emergency charge.

Charging level indicator is shown via the Red and Green LED display on the top panel with the switches.

Top 2 Position Switch for fast operation

Quick operation is required for any bike light, you can’t be fumbling around trying to change settings when riding along. Astrolux have solved this issue by using a raised profile switch, which is backlit and has a 2 position switch. The top one for the On/Off, with the lower one for cycling the levels and modes.

Astrolux have included a strong, quick attachment system which locks in place securely, but can also release the light quickly if required.

Strong overall design and superior build quality, thanks to the aluminum body, and the IPX6 weather rating, makes the BC6 a very capable performer at a very appealing price.

Astrolux BC6 2000 Key Features

> High power 2000 lumens output with a range of up to 300 metres
> 6 LED Array for a wide yet longer range beam profile
> Side visibility with lens design that overlaps the edges
> 3 Power levels with 2 special modes (Strobe/SOS)
> High capacity 4800mAh built in rechargeable battery
> Size: 80mm x 80mm x 50mm, weight 250g
> Simple operation with top mounted dual switches
> Type C charging port with power bank function
> Fast charging from flat to full in 2 hours, with charge indicators/low battery warning
> Aluminum alloy body with IPX6 weather resistance

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