All-new Fenix LD30R 1700 Lumens EDC Flashlight

All-new Fenix LD30R 1700 Lumens EDC Flashlight

An updated version of the LD30 flashligh, this new model offers some useful upgrades including a longer beam range, a higher Turbo mode, a moonlight mode and a built in Type C port for charging.

It retains the compact size that is well suited for pocket or EDC carry, and has a total of 5 power levels from the headline Turbo mode of 1700 lumens, down to the 1 lumen moonlight. With a long runtime of 750 hours (moonlight mode), it’s a great flashlight for camping and outdoor adventures too.

Power is via a high capacity 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (rated to 3400mAh capacity), and it charged in the flashlight with the built in type C charging port. CR123A cells can also be used as a back up power source.

Fenix LD30R has a class U shape main switch and the copper effect metal side switch, this gives users quick and easy access to the main levels and shortcuts to the special modes. It’s also compatible with the Fenix diffuser add on (AOD-S V2.0), which is ideal for camping.

Fenix are using their high quality aluminum alloy body, which has a hard HAIII anodized finish to protect the surface from marks. It’s been rated to IP68 water and dust protection, which gives it water submersion for 2 metres (up to 30 minutes), and a drop test rating of 1.5 metres.

Size of the LD30R Flashlight is 129.7mm x 26.5mm x 22.6mm, with a combined weight of 132g (including battery).

5 Power levels with 2 Strobe modes and a range of 267 metres

A well know SST40 LED from Luminus is used in this model, which gives a mixed beam pattern with a candela of 18037, with range of up to 267 metres, it’s also got a useful beam for closer distances too. A good even spread of light is ideal for many uses, from the headline 1700 lumens, with a high of 600 lumens, 2 more levels at 150 and 50 lumens, and moonlight of 1 lumen. For extended run times, or when using the flashlight up close.

A 4 stage power level indicator is built into the main side switch, this changes from Green, to flashing green, Red, to flashing red when battery level is critical.

Using a stainless steel double clip, you can attach it to packets or jackets/bags for a secure hold.

Fenix LD30R : Key Features

> Luminus SST40 LED with a range of up to 267 metres
> 5 power levels with a strobe and SOS mode
> Upgraded performance v the first generation LD30, more range/power, moonlight mode, type C charging
> Included high performance 18650 battery with a rated capacity of 3400mAh
> USB C built into the flashlight for charging (charges in around 3 hours)
> Mixed beam for combination of range and spread, thermal management for optimal performance
> Includes double clip (stainless steel)
> EDC Size: 129.7mm x 26.5mm x 22.6mm, with aweight of 132g (with battery)
> 4 stage battery level indicator, with battery level warning. Charge level indicator built into side switch
> IP68 weather resistance dust/water sealed, up to 2 metres submersion, and drop tested to 1.5 metre
> Aluminum alloy body with HAIII hard coating, tempered glass cover with anti reflective coatings

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