All-New Olight Array 2 Pro Headlamp Fits All The Head Sizes

All-New Olight Array 2 Pro Headlamp Fits All The Head Sizes

What are the many use of a headlamp? Running, climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, DIY, emergency. What can All-new Olight Array 2 Pro headlamp do? All of them.

The Array 2 PRO is a high performance headlamp, with a max output of blazing 1500 lumens, featuring both a floodlight and a spotlight, in addition it also has a red LED that can perform the duty of emergency signalling, SOS, or just as a reading light. With a max runtime of 27.5 hours and a throw of 150 meters, darkness will not be a problem anymore.

Always direct the light where you want, with a tiltable headmount that has 60° of movement, and is tough enough to never move when you are running or jumping.Pick the beam you need, between floodlight or a combination of spotlight and floodlight, to illuminate the objects you want, both close and far from you.

The Array 2 PRO will not be a burden for your head, thanks to the large 3350 mAh battery pack, located on the back of the headband, making the Array 2 PRO balanced even for prolounged hours of use.Weighting in at just 4.76 oz, and with a size of 2.4"x 1.22"x0.96", it will not be a hassle to carry around, both on your head and in your pocket or in your bag.

Easily recharge it with a USB-C port, and enjoy the dual use of the LEDs indicator located on the battery pack: they work both as a battery indicator and as a safety light, to make you more visible in the darkness.

With just one large, easy to find, switch, you'll easily control the interface of the Array 2 PRO. What more could you want? To not touch it? With the Array 2 PRO you can! Thanks to the Wave function, you can wave your hand in front of the headlamp to turn it on and off.No need to worry about accidental activation, thanks to the electronic lockout you will always find the Array 2 PRO off, as you intended, and with the battery full.

With 3 modes for every light source (3 levels for flood light, 3 levels for flood + spot light, 3 levels for red light), and a dedicated SOS mode, the Array 2 PRO will always have the right amount of light for your needs.Enjoy its light even in the outdoors, thanks to its seamless one piece aluminum construction, making the headlamp better at dissipating heat, rugged and with a IPX4 waterproof rating.

Wether you need a headlamp for yourself, to lend it to your neighbour, or for your children's backyard adventures, the Array 2 PRO fits all the head sizes, thanks to an adjustable elastic strap.

Get your Array 2 PRO today and wave goodbye at the darkness!
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