All-new Trustfire Mini 3S: Boasting A Super Compact Keychain Flashlight

All-new Trustfire Mini 3S: Boasting A Super Compact Keychain Flashlight

Boasting a super compact form factor, the new Mini 3S from Trustfire has a tiny size, making it ideal for use as a keychain or keyring light.

The Mini 3S is using a custom designed LED which gives an impressive output up to 235 lumens at the highest level, it also includes a lower output for up close activities and to preserve battery life.

Trustfire are using a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, with a respectable capacity of 320mAh, it is charged via the build in micro USB port, and can run up to 55 hours at the lowest level. With a range of 57 metres at the top output (235 lumens).

It’s built to last with a strong aviation aluminum alloy body, it’s been treated to harden the outer layer to help prevent any damage. Impact tested to 1 metre drop distance, and it is rated to IPX8 water resistance.

The Mini 3S is a small flashlight at just 71.8mm x 15.3mm (length x head diameter), with a weight of 23.6g (including battery).

2 Power levels with a highest output of 275 lumens

Despite it’s small size, the Mini 3S can still pack a useful punch in terms of it’s power output.

The high mode reaches 235 lumens, a very useful output which can light up as far as 57 metres away. With a candela of 890cd, the beam has a mixed profiles giving some focus and spread thanks to a custom designed optical lens.

A lower level of just 1.5 lumens is ideal for when you only need a small output, such as finding a lock in a door, reading a map or when you wish to be more discreet and not disturbing others.

Run time in High mode is just under 1 hour (59 minutes), with a long run time of 55 hours at the lowest output (1.5lm).

Operating the flashlight is incredibly simple, a twist on the head to turn on, then twist again for the lowest output, unscrewing the head turns it off, and it also features an anti lost design, meaning the head doesn’t fully unscrew preventing accidentally losing it.

Under the head is a built in Micro USB charging port, for convenient charging. Once screwed up the O ring seals it against water and dust.

This quality compact flashlight is ideal for keychain use, on a bag or backpack, in the car, or around the house as an emergency light source.

Trustfire Mini 3S  Key Features

> Two power levels with a top output of 235 lumens
> Up to 57 metres range (High mode 235 lumens) with a candela of 890cd
> Low power setting of 1.5 lumens
> Built in battery with micro USB charging port
> Small size: 71.8mm x 15.3mm (length x head), weight of 23.6g
> Optical lens for improved beam profile
> Run time up to 55 hours (low mode 1.5 lumens)
> Simple rotary twist mechanism
> Anti lost head design, won’t fully unscrew so it can’t fall off
> Aviation grade aluminum alloy construction, with heat treated coating for long lasting durability
> IPX8 rated with water resistance and drop tested to 1 metre

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