Amutorch DM90S A Powerful 6000 lumen Long Range Flashlight

Amutorch DM90S A Powerful 6000 lumen Long Range Flashlight

The DM90S is designed from the ground up to be an ideal solution for users who require an Ultra Long Range Flashlight. This is a smaller more compact model (with the DM90 being the larger offering from Amutorch)

With a huge Turbo output of 6000 lumens, the DM90S can reach deep into the darkness with an impressive beam distance of up to 1732 metres. This high powered flashlight is powered via 3 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. And features a built in type C charging port for rapid charging.

A quality heat treated aluminum body is rated to IPX7 (waterproof up to 1 metre depth). A length of 165mm, with a head diameter of 93mm, and body diameter of 50mm. Holding this flashlight is made easier with the supplied (and removable) handle.

Huge 1732 metre Range with a powerful beam

Amutorch are using the Luminus SBT90G2 square LED, able to unleash the 6000 lumens top output. With a carefully manufactured ultra smooth reflector, the beam can be highly focussed, and able to deliver such a long range. The other power levels can be set to 3500 lumens, 1900 lumens, and 850 lumens, and a lowest output of 150 lumens is also possible (in ramping mode). Run time is up to 10 hours (at 850 lumens)

Due to the larger head diameter, and multiple grooves on the body which help to reduce heat build up. The DM90S can sustain an output of 3500 lumens. A Strobe mode is also available to users (at 3500 lumens)

Power is via 3 x 21700 batteries, these can be charged in the flashlight thanks to the built in type C port. In addition to this, the screw on tail cap covers the port (so it can be unscrewed to access it), this prevents any dirt or water entering the Type C charging port.

Single Side Switch With Choice of Stepped or Ramping Modes

Operation is simple via a large tactile and easy to feel side switch. The choice of using stepped or ramping modes lets the user decide how much power output they require. The stepped mode is set to 6000, 3500, 1900, 850 lumens. In ramping mode the lowest output can be from 150 lumens up to the top Turbo of 6000 lumens and is step less – you can select the exact level you want. Temperature regulation helps prevent overheating on the Luminus LED.

A high grade anodized aluminum body, which is drop tested to 1 metre, and weather resistant up to IPX7 (this allows submersion up to 1 metre depth). Even the most extreme weather conditions, wont stop you when you are using the DM90S.

The handle can be attached or removed (it bolts securely into place), this makes the balance much easier when using the flashlight for longer periods. It’s ergonomically designed with contoured edges for comfort, and hollowed out areas to reduced overall weight.

This flashlight is ideally suited for law enforcement, or security and search and rescue operations. Thanks to the very long range it is capable of reaching.

Amutorch DM90S Key Features

> Ultra Long range 1743 metre beam
Size: 165mm x 93mm x 50mm (Length, head diameter, body diameter)
Luminus SBT90G2 square LED with a top turbo output of 6000 lumens (Buck driver)
Super Smooth deep reflector with glass lens cover
Choice of Stepped or Ramping modes (4 levels in Stepped)
Strobe mode
Powered via 3 x 21700 batteries
Removable bolt on handle
USB Type C charging, with screw on/off tail cap to conceal the port and prevent damage/dirt ingress
High quality aluminum body
IPX7 Waterproof up to 1 metre submersion, drop tested to 1 metre

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